Index of the book:
The History of South Cave

Please note that this index is given in good faith as a guide to the contents of the book, but there may be errors in both the original index and the transcription of the index. Numbers in brackets show the number of pages on which the name occurs.

* Adelingflet, John de,
* Airy Mount, description of,
* Alan, Master of Knight Templars,
* Allerthorpe, Laurence de, commission issued to,
* Amphitheatre at Hessleskew,
* Anabaptists, register of, at Eastrington,
* Anglo Saxon Ornaments found at Sancton,
* Anlaby,
* Arms of
o Barnard of South Cave,
o the Baroness Braye,
o Cave of Stretton en le Field,
o Cave of Yateley, Co.Hants,
o Ellerker of Ellerker,
o Risby,
o Pease of Hesslewood,
o Portington of Portington
o Smethley of Brantingham,
* Aske,
o Richard, Esq.,
o Robert, Esq.,
o Christopher,
* B
* Babthorpe, Ralph de,
* Bailey, W.S.Esq.,
* Bailiwick of South Cave, (2)
* Bannister, Alderman, monument to, in Hessle Church,
* Barff, Rev.Charles,
* Barker, Sarah, centenarian,
* Barkworth, monument, Hessle Church,
* Barnard, Pedigree of,
o Family of,
* Baron, Mr.George, (3)
* Bath, Bishop of,
* Bayock, Rev.Jas., (3)
* Bells, (12)
* Bennett, Rev.W.M.,
* Bentley,
* Berrys, John, of Kirk Ella,
* Blacktoft,
* Blaydes, Mr.Hugh, Hull,
* Bohun, Humphrey de,
* Bordars,
* Brantingham,
* Brantingham Thorpe, (2)
* Braye, Lord, (2)
* Broadley, W.H.Harrison, J, P.(2)
o Miss Sophia, of Welton,
* Brough,
o House, the seat of T.W.Palmer, J.P.,
o Ferry,
* Bromflete, Sir T.Knight,
* Bromfleet,
* Bronze Ornaments at Sancton,
* Brownlow, Alderman, of Hull,
* Brunanburgh, Battle of.
* Buckton, Peter de,
* Burgesses of Beverley,
* Burial Ground at Cave,
* Burials in Woollen,
* Burials, Testamentary, from the Torre MS.S., Henry , (12)
* Burton's Ecclesiastical History of Yorkshire, (4)
* Busfeild, Rev.W.,
* C
* Carewe, Peter, Knight,
* Carucate,
* Cave, South,
o Alexander de, (2)
o Family,
o of Cave, Co.York.
o of Stanford, Co., Leicester,
o of Stretton en le Field, Co., Derby,
o of Yateley, Co.Hants.,
o Fair,
o Castle, at,
o Cheesecakes,
* Chamberlane, Mr.Leonard, (2)
o Catherine,
* Chantry of Bromfleet,
o of Melton,
o of Swanland,
* Chapel of the Ellerkers in Rowley Church, (3)
* Charities at South Cave, (2)
o North Cave,
o Eastrington,
o Elloughton,
o Ferriby,
o Kirk Ella,
o Newbald,
o Swanland,
o Welton,
* Charter granted to the Knight Templars,
* Charters granted to Peter Deyvill,
* Chichley, Sir T.
* Church of
o St.Peter, Anlaby,
o All Saints, Brantingham,
o Bromfleet,
o South Cave,
o North Cave,
o St.Michael's, Eastrington,
o All Saints, Ferriby,
o Hessle,
o St.Oswald, Hotham,
o Holy Trinity, Hull,
o St.Andrew's, Kirk Ella,
o St.Nicholas, Newbald,
o St.Peter's Rowley,
o All Hallows, Sancton,
o St.Helen's Welton,
* Churchwarden's Accounts, South Cave,
* Churchwarden's Accounts, Newbald,
* Clitherow, Col., E.J.S.,
* Clowes, Rev., William
* Collection of Pictures at Cave Castle, (2)
* Collection of Pictures at Swanland Manor,
* Commonwealth, period of,
* Constable,
o Robert of Flambro,
o Robert of Hotham,
o John of Holderness,
* Congregational Chapel at South Cave,
* Congregational Chapel at Elloughton,
* Congregational Chapel at Swanland,
* Congregational Ministers at South Cave,
* Communion Plate at
o North Cave,
o South Cave,
* Cutler, Sir John, Bart., (2)
* D
* Danby, (6)
* Danthorpe,,
* Darraynes of Drewton,
* Davies George,
* Demesne,
* Denbigh, Earl of,
* Dent, Leonard,
* Despenser, Hugh le, (2)
* Dolman of Pocklington,
* Domesday Book, account of,
* Domesday Book, references to : Brantingham,
o South Cave,
o North Cave,
o Cliffe,
o Eastrington,
o Elloughton,
o Ferriby,
o Hessle,
o Hotham,
o Kettlethorp,
o Kirk Ella
o Newbald,
o Risby,
o Riplingham,
* Duel, fought at Louth,
* Durham, Bishop of, (2)
o Prior and Convent of,
* E
* East Hall, Manor,
* Eastrington,
* Editha, Queen of Edward the Con fessor, ,
* Eddowes, Jonathan,
* Edward the First,
o Sixth,
* Edward of Carnarvon, King of Eng land,
* Effigy of a Knight at North Cave,
o Lady at North Cave,
* Egerton, Sir T., Bart.,
* Eldred, Archbishop,
* Ellerker,
* Ellerker, John de,
o William de,
* Elloughton,
* Empson, C.W.Esq.,
* Ermine Street at Brough,
* Estate of the Rectory of South Cave,
* Etherington Monument, North Fer riby Church,
* Everthorpe, (2)
* Everatt, Mr.R., Brough,
* F
* Fair at South Cave,
* Fairfax, Henry, Esq.,
* Fangfoss,
* Faucanberg, Walter de,
* Faxfleet,
o Manor of, (3)
o Aisle of, in South Cave Church,
* Ferriby, North,
o John de,
o William de,
o Free School founded by L.Lillington, Esq.,
* Feudal System,
* Fines, Feet of, (4)
* Fishery, at Bromfleet,
* Font at Newbald,
o North Ferriby, the gift of Edward Smith, Esq.,
* Foord, Rev.James, M.A.,
* Foster, Mr.M.,
* Fountains Abbey, gift of the town of Riplingham to,
* Fraser, Evan, Esq., F.R.C.S.,
* Friends, Society of, at North Cave,
o Eastrington,
o Elloughton,
* Frog Hall,
* Froude's History of England,
* Fulnathe Water Course,
* G
* Galland, Memorial Window at Wel ton,
* Gamel, the Saxon,
* Garroway, Mr.,
* Garwaie, Alderman, of London,
* Gilberdike,
* Girlington Family,
o Catherine, Monument of in South Cave Church,
* Glover's Visitation of Yorkshire, extracts from, referring to
o Brantingham,
o South Cave,
o North Cave,
o Eastrington,
o Elloughton,
o Rowley,
* Goodmanham,
* Gravel pit at Elloughton : organic remains found at,
* H
* Hairsine, Alfred,
* Hall, Captain George, Memorial Window to the memory of, at Elloughton,
* Harrison, Richd.,
o Thomas,
* Harthill Wapentake,
* Harvard College, U.S.A.,
* Hedon,
* Hemingbrough, Provost of,
* Henry the VIII, (2)
* Hessle,
o Cliff, Shipbuilding at,
* Hesslewood, seat of H.J.R.Pease, Esq.,
* Heslerton, West,
* Hessleskew,
* Hickington, Peter,
o Thomas,
* Hicks, Mr.Wm.
* Hildyard, Mr.Robert,
o Rev.H.C.T.,
o Family, Memorials of, at Rowley,
* Holderness, History of,
* Holland,, Duke of Kent,
o Edward,
* Hotham, (3)
o John de, (4)
o Sir John,
o Sir Charles,
* Houghton,
o Hall,
* Howden,
o Manor of,
* I
* Idell Family, (4)
* Indenture of apprenticeship,
* Ikene, Richard de,
* Inspeximus relating to South Cave,
* Isolda, Wife of John de Adelingflet,
* J
* Jackson, Family of, Sancton,
* Jalland, Mr.,
* James I., King of England,
* Jarratt, Rev.Canon,
* Jermins, Mr.,
* Jowett, Mr., J.A.,
* K
* Kerr, Thomas,
* Kettlethorpe,
* King, John,
o Henry, III. (5)
o Edward I. (5)
o Edward II. (4)
o III (2)
o Henry IV (3)
o Henry, V.(2)
o Henry VIII (2)
o Edward, VI.
* Kirk Ella,
* Knight, Effigy of,
* L
* Landmarks, Old,
* Langdale, R., Esq.,
o Anthony, Esq.,
o Charles, Esq., .
o Sir Marmaduke,
* Lastingham,
* Lead, block of.found at South Cave,
* Leland's Itinerary, (2)
* Leuyns, Miss,
* Lillington, monument at North Ferriby,
* Lincoln, William de,
o Church of,
* Lister, Thos.,
* Lloyd Family, (2)
* Lockwood, Roger,
* Longley, Dr., Archbishop of York,
* Lordship of Myton,
* Lound, Alex., (2)
* Louth, Co., Lincoln, duel fought at,
* Lowther, Sir Wm.,
o Richard, M.P.,
* M
* Macturk, G.G.,
* Malet Robert,
o William,
* Manor of Bromfleet, Lords of,
* Manors of South Cave,
* Market of South Cave, granted by Charter of Ed.First,
* Marshall, Robert,
* Marvell, Rev.Andrew,
o Andrew, M.P., for Hull, (2)
Mason, Robert, inscription of, in Welton Church,
* Matthews, Archbishop,
* Mausoleum in Welton Dale,
* Melton Chantry,
o Chaplains of,
* Memorials of members of the Society of Friends at Elloughton,
* Metham Family, Pedigree of,
* Michael.Thos.of Hessle,
* Monckton, Sir Philip, Knight,
* Montgomery, Hugh, Esq.,
* Monumental Inscriptions at : Brantingham,
o South Cave,
o North Cave,
o Eastrington,
o North Ferriby,
o Hessle,
o Hotham,
o Kirk Ella,
o Newbald,
o Rowley, (2)
o Welton,
* Mount Airy, South Cave,
* Mowbray, Roger, Earl of Northumber land,
* Moyne Family, at Hessle,
* N
* Naseby Field, Battle of,
* Ness, Rev.Christopher (Puritan Divine),
* Neville, Sir Henry, will of,
* Newbald, Notices of,
* Newmarch, Captain, of Frog hall,
* Nunnery Field at South Cave,
* O
* Odd Fellows' Hall, Elloughton,
* Oliver Cromwell,
* Orange, Prince of, portrait,
* Otley, impropriation of,
* Ouse, River,
* Oxford, Museum of,
o University of,
* Oxgang,
* P
* Paget, Rev.T.B., Canon of York,
* Palmer, Brigadier General, Obelisk at Brough,
* Palmer, T.W.Esq., J.P.,
* Palmer, W.S.Esq ,
* Parish Stocks at South Cave,
* Park's Parliamentary History of York shire,
* Pearson, Mr.J., F.S.A.,
* Pease, family monuments in 'Hessle Church,
* Pedigree of
o Barnard of Cave,
o Cave Family,
o Ellerker of Ellerker,
o Risby,
o Metham, of North Cave,
o Pease, of Hesslewood,
o Portington, of Portington,
* Percy, Dame, monument to, hessle Church,
* Petuaria of the Romans at Brough,
* Pictures, list of, at Cave Castle,
o Swanland Manor,
* Pilgrimage of Grace and Sir Ralph Ellerker,
* Poictou, Roger of,
* Pole, William de la, and the Manor of Hessle,
* Post Mortem Inquisitions, (2)
* Primitive Methodist Chapels, (11)
* Prissick, George, inscription,
* Provence Farm, at South Cave,
* Pryme, De la,
* Q
* Queen Elizabeth, (4)
* Marie Antoinette,
* R
* Raikes, Robert
* Rectory of South Cave, (2)
* Rectors of Brantingham,
o South Cave,
o North Case,
o Hessle,
o Hotham,
o North Ferriby,
o Kirk Ella,
o Rowley.
o Sancton,
o Welton,
* Registers of South Cave,
o North Cave,
o Elloughton,
o Eastrington,
o Hessle,
o Hotham,
o Kirk Ella,
o Newbald,
o Sancton,
* Richardson, Rev.W., Vicar of Bran tingham,
* Riplingham, Notices of,
* Roebuck, Squire, Bromfleet,
* Rogers, Rev.Ezekiel, Vicar of Row ley,
* Roman remains found at
o Brough,
o Drewton,
o Sancton,
* Roman Street from Brough to Mar ket Weighton,
* Roman block of lead found at South Cave,
* Rowley,
* S
* Sancton, Notices of,
* Scatcherd, Thomas, tomb of, at South Cave,
* Saxon remains at Sancton,
* Scalby, Notice of,
* School at South Cave,
o Sancton,
o North Ferriby,
o Hessle,
o Swanland,
o Wallingfen,
* Selby Abbey,
* Shaw, Rev. Barnabas,
* Shawe, Richard Fleetwood,
* Shipbuilding at Hesslecliffe,
* Simpson, Jeremiah, of Welton,
* Sisson, Robert, of Hessle, —gift land in Hessle,
* Society of Friends, (2)
* Sokemen,
* Staddlethorpe, Notices of,
* Stage Coaches,
* Stapleton, Family,
* Sterne, Laurence, Prebendary of New bald,
* St.Austin's Stone, Drewton Vale,
* St.Katherine's Yard, South Cave, (2)
* Suit Roll of Tenants in South Cave,
* Stillingfleet, Rev.James, M.A., Vicar of Hotham,
* Swanland,
o Notices of,
o Manor, seat of James Reckitt, Esq., J.P.,
* Sykes, Mrs., Lady of the Manor of Rowley,
* Sykes, Christopher, M.P., (3)
* Sykes, Daniel, M.P.for Hull,
* T
* Talboys, Sir W.Kt.Lord of Fer riby,
* Temple Dam at Faxfleet,
* Templars, Knight, (2)
* Terrier at South Cave,
o North Cave,
o Welton,
* Theed, Rev.T.M., Vicar of North Ferriby,
* Thornton House, Notice of,
o Abbot of,
* Thornton Dam Watercourse,
* Thorogood, Sir John,
* Todd, Rev.Robert, M.A.,
* Toll Free License,
* Torre James, Historian,
* Tranby Croft,
* Turner Memorial School, North Ferriby,
* Turpin Dick, reference to,
* U
* Ulphus, gift of lands in Newbald to York Minster,
* Ulphus, Horn of, in York Cathedral,
* Uniformity, Act of,
* United Methodist Free Church at Hessle,
* Urns found at Sancton,
* V
* Vane, Sir Harry,
* Vaux, Petrus de, South Cave,
* Vescy, Thos.Broomflete de,
* Vicar of North Cave accused of heresy,
* Vicars, Torre's list,
o Brantingham,
o South Cave,
o North Cave,
o Eastrington,
o Elloughton,
o Ferriby,
o Hessle,
o Kirk Ella,
o Newbald,
o Sancton,
o Welton,
* Villanes,
* Virginia, Governor of,
* Voase, Thomas, Esq.,
* W
* Wallingfen, Notices of,
o Common, Rules of,
* Walmsley Memorial Chapel, A
* Washington Family of, (4)
* Waterloo, Battle of,
* Watson, H.Esq.,
* Wauldby, Notices of,
* Weddall, Mr.G.E., of Thornton House,
* Well of St.Helen, South Cave,
* Welton, Notices of,
o Dale of,
* Wesleyan Chapel at
o Blacktoft,
o Brough,
o Bromfleet,
o South Cave,
o North Cave,
o Hessle,
o Faxfleet,
o Sancton,
o Newbald,
o Wallingfen,
o Welton,
* Whaling Ship, " Everthorpe, ”
* Wildridge's Old and New Hull,
* Wilson, Arthur Esq..J.P.,
* Wilks, Matthew,
* William the Conqueror,
* William Rufus,
* Willoughby, Lord de Brook,
* Will of James Bayock, of South Cave,
* Witchcraft at Sancton,
* Woodmansey, Nathaniel, gift to Swan land,
* Wrangham, Rev.Digby S.,
* Wray, Rev.Jackson,
* Y
* York, Dean and Chapter of,
o Vale of,
* Yverthorpe,
* Z
* Zouch, Mr.R., of Wakefield,
* Zouch, Archbishop of York,