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"A Picture of Whitby and its environs " by Rev. George Young D.D. on CDRom


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2nd Edition. 1840 on CD Rom. Delivered FREE anywhere in the world direct from the supplier.

This 2nd Edition of the book was published in 1840 and is claimed to be "the best". It contains over 320 pages, 9 plates and a map of the area. It covers not only Whitby town, the Abbey, places of worship, eminent men’s seats etc, but also (in less detail) the environs :-
Hawsker. Sneaton. Robin Hood's Bay. Stainton Dale, Scarborough , Hackness. Bride Stones, Vale of Pickering, Pickering, Lastingham, Rosedale, Malton, Roman Road, Cawthorn Camps, Kirkby Moorside, Kirkdale, Helmsley, Rievaux. Stokesley, Ayton, Guisborough, Kirkleatham, Middlesbro', Lofthouse, Staiths, Rousby, Runswick, Mulgrave, Vale of the Esk, etc.

There is no index in this book.




British monuments. Roman Period . Saxon kingdom of Northumbria. Danish invasion . Domesday, &c


1 . Saxon period.—Lestingham church. Hilda the first abbess of Streoneshalh. Synod of Streoneshalh. Cedmon the poet . Hilda's death and character . Hackness. Ælfleda's fame. Her death. Destruction of the monastery. Anglo-Norman period.—Reinfrid the prior. Stephen Whitby . Serlo the prior. William the abbot ; Nicholas, Benedict, &c. Possessions of the Abbey. Whitby Strand. Rolls. Feudal services . Horngarth . Penny-hedge. Disputes. Officers. Monks. State of learning, and of religion. Dissolution. Ruins of the Abbey . Inscriptions. Hospital.


The Streets . Antiquity of Flowergate, Baxtergate, &c. Modem improvements, Gas lights, &c. The Population. Longevity . Rents. The Bridge . Harbour, Light-house, and Piers. Shipping and Trade . Fisheries. Shipbuilding : Manufactures : Market-places, &c Public Offices. Borough of Whitby . Trading and other companies. Places of Worship. Charitable Institutions. Religions Institutions. Literary Institutions . Accommodations. Gentlemen's Seats at Whitby


Hawsker. Sneaton. Robin Hood's Bay. Stainton Dale. Scarborough. Hackness. Bride Stones. Vale of Pickering . Pickering. Lestingham (Lastingham). Rosedale. Malton. Inscriptions . Roman Road. Cawthorn Camps. Kirkby Moorside. Kirkdale . Kirkdale Cave. Helmsley. Rievaux. Stokesley. Ayton. Guisborough . Kirkleatham. Middlesbro' . Lofthouse. Staiths. Rousby . Runswick. Mulgrave. Vale of the Esk, &c.

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