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Bulmer's History & Directory of East Yorkshire 1892 on CDRom

Bulmer's History & Directory of East Yorkshire 1892 on CDRom


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with Langdale's 1822 Topographical Dictionary of Yorkshire on CD Rom. Delivered FREE anywhere in the world direct from the supplier.

Bulmer's 1892:

This book covers the whole of the East Riding, including Hull

The format of theBulmer's book is a fairly standard "History and Directory" format, with the Histories being more detailed than the equivalent White's/Pigot's/Baines'. The 1892 East Yorkshire book has some 1233 pages plus about 20 pages of advertisements. Most of the Directory of Trades and Professions sections (roughly equivalent of todays Yellow Pages) are divided into "Farmers" and "others". The town of Hull (now a city) however has some 500 pages devoted to it and includes both alphabetic by surname and alphabetic by trade/profession - the same names do not always occur in both for some reason. Also included is an alphabetical street directory.

Note: There is a reference to 'Metcalfe Family' in the index.

Langdale's Topographical Dictionary, 1822:

This book contains no directories, only Topographical information. It is however comprehensive in its coverage, covering Towns, Villages and Hamlets, and in some cases giving single houses too. The information given is divided into three Ridings, the Ainsty and City of York being included with the West Riding. Also included is a list of magistrates and Deputy Lieutenants for each of the Ridings, with Officers of the Liberties where relevant.
At the back of the book is:

  • a description of the Rivers and Canals,
  • a list of the Viscounts and High Sheriffs of the county
  • a list of the eminent men noticed in the book
  • the names of Noblemen and Gentlemen who have seats in the county

The quality of the printing of this book is anything but good in some places and should really be scanned in photographic mode. However to do this requires two CD roms for this book alone due to the resulting files being so large, so it is presented to you as black and white with every page being readable but the text not being as good as I would have liked it to have been.

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