Index to
The History & Antiquities of Holderness.

Please note that this index is given in good faith as a guide to the contents of the book, but there may be errors in both the original index and the transcription of the index. There are many (probably hundreds) of names which appear in the book which are not in the index.


* The index is not quite in alphabetical order, although all the initial letters are grouped together. I would recommend that you use the search facility if you can't find a particular name - use "Ctl F" and do a search.

Numbers in brackets give the number of pages referenced when greater than one.
The same name may occur several times on a single page.

* Abus, river,
* Abbies, Priories, &c.causes of founding,
* Adeliza,
o sister of the Conq.,
o another account,
* Aid for knighting the Black Prince,
* Aids, account of,
* Albemarle,
o Earls of,
o Odo, first Earl,
o grant of tythes and churches by,
o pedigree of,
o Wm.le Gross,
o honor of,
o enormous fine of,
o pilgrimage of,
o needlework relating to,
o Aveline, wardship of,
o Chamberlainess of Exchq.
o monument of,
o corrected ped.of,
o mode of spelling,
* Alienation, fines for,
* Altar, Roman,
o beacon at,
o grant at,
o ph.of,
o castle of, (2)
o incumbents,
* Amercements, curious,
* Anglo Saxon Era,
* Anne of Luxemberg,
* Architecture., divisions of,
* Aram, Little, hamlet of,
* Arnold,
o grant of lands at,
o hamlet of,
o Woodhouse,
* Athelstan,
o also Tanley and Fitzwilliam,
o grant to Nunkeeling,
* Aveline, Countess of Alb.
* Aumbry, description of,
* Bailiff,
o oath of,
o chief,
* Bailiwicks,
o division of,
o another,
o beacons at,
o ph.
o grant of,
* Bastwick, High and Low,
* Barrow, Court of.(3)
* Bail Wells, description of,
* Betun, Baldwin de,
o receives monks of Meaux,
o letter of,
* Beacons, number of,
* BEEFORD, (4)
* Beverley, St.John de,
o possessions of, (2)
o liberty of,
o grant at,
o Water Towns, (2)
o Philip de,
* Bewholme,
o grant of,
o hamlet of,
* Bewick,
o Moore, family of,
o Bell, family of,
* Belvoir, Castle of,
* Benningholme,
o grant of, (2)
o hamlet of,
* Billings Hill,
* Bigland, John, account of,
* Bilford,
* Boundaries,
* Boynton, family of,
* Boreas Hill,
o beacon at,
o house at,
* Bonwick, (2)
* Bondburstwick,
* Brigantes, the,
* Bread and ale, assize of,
* Bridlington and bay,
* Bridlington Priory,
o grants to, (15)
o register of,
* Barfe,
o skeletons found at,
* Dr.Watson,
* Bristhill, (2)
* Branceholme,
* Brackenhill,
* Brooke, family of,
* Buckingham, Duke of,
o mandate of,
* Burton, etymology of,
* Bulmer, family of, (2)
o castle of, (2)
o royal manor of,
o Countess of Carrick, prison of,
o customs of, altered,
o visit of kings to,
o present custom,
o king's horses at,
o estates, sequestered,
o parks of,
o Garth, Appleyards, of, (2)
* Bucks taken for the king's use,
* Burstal Priory,
o remains found at,
* Burstall Garth,
o the park of,
o Bos Urus of,
o house, description of,
o stag hunting,
* Byng, Admiral, notices of,
* Carucates, account of quantity,
* Castle Ward, meaning of,
* Camerton,
* Catholics, Roman, number of,
o grant at,
* Catfoss,
o grant at,
o hamlet of,
* Carlton, hamlet of,
* Carrs, nature of, (3)
* Caput Baroniae,
* Carrick, Countess of,
* Churches, division of,
o grant of Stephen,
* Chapels, donative,
* Cherry Cob Sands,
* Clarence, Duke of, (2)
* Citadel of Hull,
* Cleton, hamlet of,
* Cloth, manufacture of, (2)
* Cornwall, Countess of,
o alters customs of manors,
* Copyhold Manors,
* Commission of the Peace, ancient, (2)
* Communicants, number of,
* Coast, destruction of the,
* Coroner, Jurisdiction of,
o account of,
o oath of,
* Court Leet,
* Colden, Great,
* Colden, Little,
* College, leases, notice of,
* Coniston,
* Constable,
o of Frismerk and Catfoss, (11)
o of Burton Constable, (32)
o of Halsham, (12)
o of Flamborough, (3)
o Robert, (6)
o Michael,
o Henry, (2)
o Philip, (2)
o Marmaduke, (4)
o Simon, (4)
o of Hatfield,
o of Carethorp,
o William, (2)
o Thomas, (2)
o Marmaduke, of Everingham,
o Serjeant,
o of Wassand, (16)
o Hillary,
o of Withernwick,
o John,
o of Kirby Knowle, of Rimswell,
* Crow Garth,
* Croft, meaning of,
* Dacres, Lady, tomb of,
* Danthorp,
* Deanery of Holderness.
o communicants in,
* De Courcy, Ingleram, account of,
* Destruction of the coast accounted for,
* Divisions, North, Middle, South,
* Dimilton, beacon at,
o hamlet of, (2)
* Dominus, signification of,
* Dowthorpe,
o hamlet of,
o hall,
* Drainage, Holderness,
o ancient document of,
o hamlet of,
* Dringhoe,
* Drogo de Brevere,
o fee of,
o account of,
* Dunum Sinus,
* Dunsley, division of,
* Dunnington,
* Dunbar, Lord, manor of, sequestered,
o hall of,
o ph.of,
o Palmes of,
* Earls Dike,
* Edward
o I. holds the Seigniory,
+ issues writs,
o II.grant of Seigniory,
+ visits Burstwick,
o III.transactions of,
+ Exchequer roll of,
+ aid for knighting Black Prince,
+ grants to la Pole,
* Ellerkers,
o of Lisset,
o of Routh,
* Elsternwick,
o grant at,
o hamlet of,
* Ellerby,
* Emmertland,
* England Hill,
* Erghum,
* Eshton, John de, impleads Edward I.
* Escheats, account of,
* Eske,
* Etherdwick,
* Everingham,
* Farnton,
* Fauconberg, family of, (31)
* Eustachius de,
* Ferriby, Priory of,
* First fruits and tenths, account of,
* Filey, promontory of,
* Fitling,
* Flamborough Head,
* Flinton,
* Fortibus,
o II.
o III.
o Aveline de,
o monument of,
o Isabel de, (2)
o Chamberlainess,
* Fosham,
* Forbisher, Nicholas,
* Foothead Garth,
* Frishmarsh,
o Constable of,
o Lost town of,
* Friestingthorpe,
* Frodingham South,
* Gaveston, Piers, Lord of Seigniory,
* Ganstead,
o Twyers of, (2)
o Hamlet of,
* Gilds, religious, (2)
* Gentry, ancient,
* Gloster, Duke of,
* Glover, Somerset Herald, notes of,
* Godard, family of, (2)
o parish of, (3)
o family of (7)
o chantry at,
* Greystock, Lord de, (3)
* Gresham, Sir Thomas, (5)
* Grimston Garth,
o beacon at,
o family of, (4)
o hamlet of,
* Grangehead,
* Gunpowder Plot, who concerned in it,
* Habuit, important meaning of,
o mausoleum at
* Hastings, Sir Edward,
o family of, (2)
* Hallitreeholme,
* Hayholme,
* Hatfield, Little or West,
* Hatfield, Great or East, grant at, (2)
o family of,
o Bishop,
o Heralds,
o visitations of, Glover's,
o names returned to,
o precept issued by,
o names denounced by,
o Glover's account of,
o Dugdale,
* Hempholme,
o swannery at, (2)
* Helpstone, division of,
* Hertburn,
o grant at, (2)
o fair instituted at,
o Talliages, effect of,
o cloth manufactured at,
o grammar school,
o privileges of,
o fire at,
o cause in the exchequer,
o list of mayors and bailiffs,
o St.Augustine's,
o benefactors to,
o Kilnsea cross at,
o grant at, (2)
o Mount,
* Hildyard, family of, (46)
* Holderness,
o natural division of,
o supplied deer to the king,
o free warren in,
o Levies in, (4)
o Knights and Squires in,
o ninths levied in,
o lands and tenements in,
o tenths & fifteenths,
o knights' fees in,
o musters in,
o certificates in,
o beacons in,
o deanery of,
o boundaries of,
o wapentake of,
o rebellion in,
* Holm, on Spalding Moor,
* Horses, the king's at Burstwick,
* Hoton, (2)
* Hoo, the Old,
o beacon at, (2)
o port of,
o Mere,
o duel at,
o distance from the sea,
o Burton,
o Honor, nature of an,
o court of reference to,
* Hotham, Lord,
* Humber, River,
* Husband, holdings, account of,
* Hull,
o Garrison of
o Citadel of,
o Brigg,
* Hyde,
* Ingelberd, Philip de,
* Jones, Paul, the pirate,
* Kayingham,
* Kenley Farm, relicts at,
* Kelk,
o derivation of,
o beacon at,
o ph.of
o Roman Antiquities found at,
* Kirby, Inquest of,
* Kirkham Priory,
* Knights and Squires,
o fees in England,
* Knight Templars, (2)
o Hospitalers,
* Knovil, Gilbert de,
* Lakes in Holderness,
* Landholders, Saxon,
* Lands and Tenements, list of,
* Lamwith Stream, (2)
* Lanthorp Grange,
* Langthorpe,
* Langdale, Marmaduke,
* Lascelles, family of,
* Le Gross, William,
o where buried,
* Leonard, St.Hospital of St.York, (2)
o Rectory, manor of,
o head of cross found at,
* Leeds, family of,
* Livings in charge,
o discharged,
o chapels, donative,
* Lisset,
* Lincoln,
o Aaron, Jew of,
o roll found,
* Library, Meaux Abbey,
* Lister, family of,
* Little Humber,
* Manors,
o origin of,
o derivation of,
o copyhold,
* Manor House, inventory of a,
* Malet, Wm.account of,
* Mandevill,,
* Manumission, grant of,
* Marriage,
o curious grant of,
* Mauley, (2)
o beacon at, (2)
o grant at,
o beacon at, (2)
* Marton,
* Mausoleum, Halsham,
* Martyn, of, (2)
* Mary, St.Abbey of York, (5)
* Meaux, family of, (3)
* Meaux Abbey,
o grants to, (31)
o visit of Duke of Gloster to,
o history of,
o foundation of,
o chartularies of,
o Abbat's list of,
o bounds of,
o Aaron, Jew, lends money to,
o famine at,
o monks of, dispersed,
o borrow of Jews,
o ship built at,
o great inundation,
o dispute about Wassand Mere,
o plague at,
o abbat of indicted for felony,
o Doctor Amandus arrives at,
o Ch.built,
o Duke of Gloster interferes,
o Library of,
o ornaments of church of,
o list of bodies buried at,
o remains found at,
o lands held by,
* Mesne Lords, account of,
* Merchants' marks described,
* Militia, national,
* Mills, antiquity of,
* Michaelburn, family of, (2)
* Misericorde, one described,
* Moijs,
o division of,
o family of,
* Moore Grange,
* Moore Town,
* Moore house,
* Moore, of Bewick, (2)
* Money, value of,
* Monkewike,
* Musters, derivation of,
o of horse and foot, (2)
* Myton, grant of,
* Nativi, Manumission of,
* Newburgh, Priory of,
* Neile, John, M.A.curious account of,
* Neville Grange,
* Nevilles,
* Newton,
o West,
o East, (2)
o Out,
o Garth Hospital,
* Newsham,
* Norman Era,
* Nomina Villarum,
* Northumberland, Earl of,
* Northorpe,
o Hornsea ph.
o Easington, ph.(2)
* North Park,
* Nuthill, Sir Anthony,
o family of,
* Nuthill,
* Nuttles,
o chapel of,
o grants to, (3)
o Prioresses of, (3)
* Occellum Promontorium,
* Odo, first Earl of Alb.
* Oketon,
* Orwithfleet,
* Ottringham,
o chantry of,
* Out Newton, (2)
* Overton, Colonel, (2)
* Owborough, (2)
* Owsthill House,
* Owst, family of,
* Owstwick,
* Parasi, district of the,
* Paris, ancient name of,
* Parishes,
o account of,
o how divided,
o ornaments of,
* Parochial table,
* Parsons of Holderness, petition of,
* Passage of the Humber, grant of,
o beacon at,
o Queen's town of,
o surrenders at,
o list of lords,
o church of,
o volunteers, (2)
o Praetorium of the Romans,
o Patrick Lodge at,
o Roman Altar at,
o Haven,
o beacon at,
o Parish of,
o Manor of,
o Lighthouse at,
o Holme, grant at,
o hamlet of,
o chapel at,
o tower at,
o High, House,
* Petuaria, Roman,
* Peace, commission of the,
* Peter, of, York,
* Pensthorpe,
* Pipe Rolls Ploughland,
* Portuosus Sinus, (2)
o Felix,
* Pole,
o la, (6)
o Katherine de la,
o Lady of Rimswell,
* Population Returns,
* Portington, John of,
* Pope Nicholas, valor of,
* Portland, Earl of,
* Poller and Twyer, (2)
* Pocklington, manor of,
* Potchett,
o Rev.Wm.
o Lord of Holmpton, (2)
* Prebendal Churches,
* Premier, Seizin,
* Priesthold,
o manor of the rectory,
o chantry of,
o curious account of bells sunk,
* Ptolemy, latitudes and longitudes of,
* Purveyance, nature of,
* Quia Emptores, Statute of,
* Quintin, of, (32)
* Ravensburg, ancient name of,
o proof of being distinct from Ald Ravenser,
* RAVENSER, or Ald Ravenser, (2)
o sends members to parliament,
o also a port,
o landing of the Duke of Lancaster at,
o of Edward IV.
o chapel at,
o light house erected at,
o splendid cross at,
o late remains at,
* Rectors, Relief, feudal nature of,
* Redmar,
o Ulram a member of,
o extent of manor,
o parish of,
o boundaries of,
o incumbents of, RISTON, Long, (3)
o grant Risby, seal of the Ellerkers,
* Ringborough Newton, (2)
* Rigemont, (2)
* Ringers, curious order of,
* Rimswell,
* Roman Stations,
* Rolleston,
o Family of, (2)
* Roads in Holderness,
* Roos,
o Family of,
o Edward de,
* Rutland, Earl of, Lord, (2)
* Roman Coins,
* Rowton,
* Rutland,
o Earl of, Edw.Plantagenet,
o Lord of Roos, (2)
* Ryhill,
* Rysom Garth,
* Saxon Services, nature of,
* Salvain, family of, (6)
* Saltmarsh, of Saltmarsh,
* Sayer Creek,
* Saltah,
* Serjantia Coronae,
o account of,
o grant of to
+ Piers Gaveston,
+ to la Pole,
+ to Ingleram de Courcy,
+ to Anne of Luxemberg.
+ to Thomas of Woodstock,
+ to Edward Plantagenet,
+ to Duke of Clarence,
+ to Countess of Stafford,
+ to Humphrey Stafford,
+ to Earl of Northumberland,
+ to Duke of Buckingham,
+ in the crown,
+ to Earl of Westmoreland,
+ to Sir John Constable,
+ Earl of Westmoreland,
+ to the Constables,
+ general privileges of,
* Seaton,
* Sepulchre, St.Hospital of,
o rents paid,
o grants to,
o account of,
o sisterhood,
o Nuns, order of,
* Sheldon,
o Edward,
o Francis,
* Sheriff Turn Court, (2)
o grant at,
o parish of,
o Dr.Watson, incumbent of and for Bentinck,
* Sister Churches, why so called,
* Sinclair, Rev.Enoch, murder of,
o castle first erected,
o beacon at,
o parish of,
o Hall Garths,
o Ackloms,
o Barmston Hill,
o Brough,
o duel at,
* Skirlington,
* Skirlaw,
o North and South,
o Chantry,
o school,
o Will of Bishop,
o Chapel Estate,
* Skeckling, (4)
* Skeffling,
* Snaith, Rev.John,
* Southorpe, Hornsea parish,
* Soufhcoates,
* South Park,
* Soke, meaning of,
* Somergangs,
* Spurn Point, (3)
* Spiney, receiver of ninths,
* Stephen, Earl of Alb.grant of tythes and churches,
* Stafford,
o Countess of,
o Humphrey, her son,
* Stalle in chancels,
* Sterne, Laurence, descent of,
* Stoneferry,
* Standard, battle of the,
* Sureby,
o conjectures on, (2)
o Grant at,
* Subsidy of Henry V.
* Superstitions, ancient,
o parish of,
o fishery,
o Branceholme, lease of,
* Sutton,
o Sayer de, guilty of murder,
o dispute about rights,
o grant of marriage,
o lands of Archbishop,
o of Meaux,
o of Mauley, Bulmer, Everingham, Godard, Salvain, and Hastings,
o Branceholm,
* Sunderland, grant at,
o church at,
* Suit of Court Baron, account of, (2)
o Priory of, (3)
o grant at,
o history of,
o Nuns of the Cistercian order,
o founders,
o grants at,
o burnt,
o prioress of,
o estate of,
o coins found,
o earth works,
* Swannery, account of a, (2)
* Sykes, Rev.Christopher, (3)
* Tanstern,
* Talliages, their consequences,
* Tenths and fifteenths,
o grant of,
o account of,
* Tenure of Chivalry,
* Thraves of St.John de Beverley,
* Thornton College,
o grants to, (13)
o Manor of,
* Thorp Garth,
o in Aldbro',
o in Welwick,
* Thorp,
* Thorney Crofts,
* Thirtleby,
* Thorngumbald,
* Tosti, Earl of Northumberland,
* Torre, descent of,
* Toft, described,
* Trinodad Necessitas,
o Bishop of Durham, (3)
o Division of,
* Turmer Hall,
* Twyer, la, (6)
* Twyer and Poller,
* Ughtred, family of, (4)
o family of,
o grant at,
* Ulf, (3)
* Upton,
* Valor, Pope Nicholas's, (2)
* Vicecomes, the,
* Warren, free, account of,
* Wapentake, Holderness,
o division of,
o court of,
o wrecks in,
o court at Hedon,
* Wardship,
* Wassand,
o mere of, (4)
o dispute about,
o Family of,
* Waxholme,
o beacon at,
o hamlet of,
* Watre, priory,
o grant at,
o ph.of,
o manors in,
o tythe cause,
o ferry at,
o grant of,
* Watt, Francis, Esq.Lord of Ottringham,
* Westmoreland, Earl of, grant of Seigniory,
* Wealand,
o beacon at,
o parish of,
o Thorpe,
* Weeton,
* White Cross,
* Winkton,
* Withow,
o beacon at,
o village of,
* Wilsthorpe,
* Windham, J.S.Esq.
* Wick, vill.of, (2)
* Winestead,
o Andrew Marvel born at,
* Winsetts,
* Woodhall,
* Woodstock, Thomas of,
* Wolsey, Cardinal,
* Wool, a source of profit,
* Wrecks, how challenged,
o letter of E.Constable,
* York, Archbishops, lands held by, (2)