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Welcome to the William M.D. Roe Image Library

The Metcalfe Society are delighted to launch our very own image library :

The William M.D. Roe Image Library, in especial memory of his mother Anna Jane Haydon Metcalfe Roe.

William M.D. Roe is M0871 in the USA, and has kindly donated a sum of money to The Metcalfe Society, for which we are very grateful.

What is an Image Library?

All of the other databases & libraries that you search are for information or data - dates, names, places etc - all focusing around the written word. An image library is a folder of photos rather than words - it is that simple - a place where we can store all of the photos from around the world, past and present, of any image that is to do with the name Metcalfe.

Why do we need an Image Library?

Since the Metcalfe Society was launched in 1980, we have carefully built up the data of the facts about over 100,000 Metcalfes. Along the way, as you have seen in the Mecca News, it is photos that bring these facts to life. We all have various photos of our Metcalfe relations and ancestors and also places that are linked to the Metcalfe name or an action or incident that is somehow linked to a Metcalfe. Here we can ALL load our own Metcalfe photos for safe storage for use by ourselves, and more importantly to share with other members.

Copyright - Important Notice

This is VERY IMPORTANT. If you load the image onto this image library, in doing so, you are confirming that you either own the copyright of the photo or you have the permission of the owner of the photo. Also you are giving permission for other members to use the photo for their own personal use, teaching or private study only.

No member has permission to use any of the photos from this library for any other purpose other than for the above stated uses. Members may not publish or use the photos for financial gain in any way. If you would like to reproduce, exhibit, or make commercial use of an image in any medium (including books, newspapers, television, films, public exhibitions, websites or computer programmes), you should first seek permission from the Web Administrator (see Contacts), who will liaise within the Metcalfe Society and the copyright owner. If you are unsure please send an email request to the Web Administrator (see Contacts).

How to use the Image Library

There are 3 main ways to use the Image Library:

1. Search the Image Library for photos that others have added that may be of interest to you.
By all members loading photos, we will be able to find and share other photos that are relevant to your family tree, where you live, or are just of interest to you etc.

Search for photos here

2. Add a photo onto the Image Library.
This will provide a safe storage for your photos for you, your family and for eternity! Simple instructions will guide you through the steps to upload your photos.

Add your photos here

3. Manage your photos that are in the Image Library.

Once you start to load your photos onto the library, you can then manage and control your photos for your own use. If you have not loaded any photos then nothing will show on this page. By logging into the Members Room, only you will be able to manage your own photos.

Manage your own photos here

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