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Metcalfe - History of the Clan

Metcalfe - History of the Clan


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IMPORTANT NOTE ON SHIPPING: Due to the size and weight of this book it is packaged and shipped individually to minimise the risk of damage.

The Metcalfe Society is delighted to be able to offer members and non-members a third edition of this acclaimed book.

So what are you waiting for! Already 1,500 copies of the two previous editions have been sold - so do not miss out on your copy.

What is the differences between the first, second and third editions?

* An additional 4 pages containing an index
* Minor corrections
* There are no changes to the presentation, size, format, scope or overall content of the book.

'Purchasers of the first edition can order the index and minor corrections free of charge by sending an e-mail to


"Brings one of Yorkshire's best know families to life.......and paints a picture of social life in the Yorkshire Dales" - The Dalesman.

"The life & exciting times of the Metcalfe clan" - Darlington & Stockton Times.

"An absolute gem of a book. A masterpiece .... enabling it to stand the test of time and become a precious heirloom." - The Guild of One Name Studies.

The Metcalfe Society, one of the largest, and most respected one-name family history societies launches the book "Metcalfe-History of the Clan" in front of 100 of their worldwide members at their "Mecca Muster" at the College of Ripon & York St. John, Ripon, North Yorkshire at 12:30 on Saturday 10 October 1998.

First Edition Book Summary
"Metcalfe - History of the Clan" published by The Metcalfe Society to mark the millennium, 252 pp, A4 hardback publication, (ISBN 0-9533267-0-5) limited edition £24.50 plus P&P

"If you have a family link in Yorkshire, there will be a Metcalfe in your past somewhere" . . . .or so the saying goes! So what is in a name? Well, about 800 years when it comes to the Metcalfes.

It is not too much to claim that a complete history of the Metcalfes at home and abroad would be a microcosm of English history in general. "Metcalfe - History of the Clan" aims at nothing so ambitious, but attempts to put the early development of this large and diverse family into a clear historical context, drawing chiefly upon two very rare books about the Metcalfes, published privately many years ago.

Additional sections deal with the etymology of the name Metcalfe, the family origins in the North Yorkshire towns and dales of the late 12th century, the Metcalfe coat of arms, and brief accounts of the lives and occupations of earlier Metcalfes contributed by members of The Metcalfe Society, that give some idea of the character and diversity of the past. The family trees of no less than 70 branches associated with current members of the society are included to help readers who wish to pursue research further. Through this book, Yorkshire's best known family comes to life.

Obviously, the book will be a must for those people who find the name, Metcalfe, somewhere in their family tree - and especially as a present to family members. In addition, those with an interest in the Dales, Yorkshire, social history and family history in general will find this book highly appealing. This appeal is certainly enhanced by the high quality of both content and presentation, with plenty of colour photographs, maps and other illustrations to enrich and support the text.

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