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"Romantic Richmondshire", "The 3 days of Wensleydale" and "Thenadays" on CDRom


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"Romantic Richmondshire" by Harry Speight (1897) and "The 3 days of Wensleydale" by W.G.M Jones Barker (1854) and "Thenadays" by Lord Russell, of Liverpool (c1910) on CD Rom. Delivered FREE anywhere in the world direct from the supplier.

Romantic Richmondshire: to quote from the Darlington and Stockton Times of the period:

"Mr. Speight is to be congratulated on having, at immense labour and research, added another standard work to the literature of Yorkshire. There is not a page in the volume that does not reveal some fresh fact or correct some old error. The illustrations, too, are excellent and many of them of great rarity." "It is certainly the ablest contribution to the history and antiquities of Richmondshire since the time of Dr. Whitaker, whose history is now so scarce and valuable."

Summary of families and chapters in Romantic Richmondshire :

Of old Yorkshire families more particularly dealt with may be mentioned the following: Alderson, Allen, Aske, Atkinson, Banks, Bathurst, Bellerby, Birkbeck, Blackburn, Blades, Bolton, Booth, Bowes, Brown, Bulmer, Burgh, Calvert, Chapman, Chaytor, Clarke, Clifford, Close, Coates, Conyers, Coverdale, Cradock, Croft, D'Arcy, De la Mare, Denys, Dundas, Ellerton, Fawcett, Fitzhugh, Fothergill, Fulthorpe, Gale, Gascoigne, Gaunt, Gibson, Gill, Harker, Harrison, Hertford, Hicks, Horne, Hutchinson, Hutton, Ingleby, James, Jaques, Johnson, Kearton, King, Lawson, Leeds, Lennox, Lightfoot, Lister, Loftus, Malolacu, Marmion, Mason, Metcalfe, Milbank, Montacute, Moorhouse, Mowbray, Neville, Norton, Osborne, Other, Pattison, Peacock, Pigot, Raine, Rawe, Robinson, Routh, Ryder, St. Quintin, Scott, Scrope, Smith, Spensley, Swale, Taylor, Tempest, Thoresby, Tiptoft, Topham, Walker, Wandesforde, Webster, Whaley, Wharncliffe, Wharton, Wickliffe, Wilkinson, Willis, Winn, Wood, Wyvill, Yarker, Zetland.

The book contains more than ONE HUNDRED ILLUSTRATIONS of historic buildings, scenery, portraits, &c., by the best artists and engravers. Amongst the subjects are the following :—The Conqueror granting Richmondshire to Earl Alan ; Keep of Richmond Castle early this century; Remains of Chapel on Catterick Bridge; Brough Hall a century ago; Bedale in the Coaching Days; the old Church in Coverdale; Middleham Castle in 1780; Remains of Knights Templars Chapel on Penhill; Anglo- Saxon Skeleton found in Wensley Park ; Aysgarth ; Bedstead of Mary, Queen of Scots; Nappa Hall a century ago; Thomas, Marquis of Wharton; Dr. Fothergill, F.R.S.; Thomas, Earl of Zetland; Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of Canterbury; the late Lord Bolton ; Sir Wm. Lawson, Bart. ; Major Scrope; Lady Byron ; "Sister Dora"; Betty Webster (aged 106); etc.

Click here for the transcription of the Index of Names.

The 3 days of Wensleydale:

The 3 days covered are those dealing with the change of the religion of the country changing from Roman Catholic through the change to the Present day (1854). The book is well researched and is mentioned in the preface to Romantic Richmondshire.

 The Contents list is:

    • Prologue
    • The Catholic Day
    • The Day of change
    • The Present day
    • L'envoi
    • List of Birds, plants, etc.
    • Extracts
    • Sanctuary Roll
    • Appendix
  • The whole of  the Prologue in Acrobat format (13 pages - this is a large file).
  • There is no index for this book, however the book is machine searchable.

 "Thenadays - The Richmondshire Reminiscences of Lord Russell of Liverpool " was published circa 1910. The book contains a total of over 80 pages and 3 photographs.

A short review of the book by Nancy McLaughlin:

This book can perhaps best be described as a pot pourri of stories relating to the people and places of Richmondshire. The Contents Page, with its "active links" is, as always, a pleasure to use.

Not intended as an in-depth study of the area, this book introduces the reader to many Yorkshire historical delights, places to visit, and people of some note - the latter including Henry Jenkins who lived to the great age of 169 years, Canon James Tate of the Richmond Grammar School and Sister Dora Pattison of Hauxwell.

Through the eyes of the author, we learn of the places he has loved, the routes he has travelled, and the folk he has met. We are privileged to experience, in some small measure, Richmondshire as it was during Lord Russell's boyhood.

A transcription of the Contents of the book:

  • Aske
  • Aysgarth Falls
  • Baggazeen, (The)
  • Barnard Castle
  • Barr, (The)
  • Bell, Matthew
  • Bible Society
  • Bishop Blaize
  • Bolton Castle
  • Bolton on Swale
  • Byron, Lady
  • Catterick
  • Christmas Festivities
  • Clarkson, Christopher
  • Clink Bank
  • Compostella
  • Cult, George
  • Dan Race
  • Derby Ram
  • Dickson, Canon
  • Drives
  • Earls of Richmond
  • Easby Abbey (2)
  • Easby Church
  • Green (The)
  • Grinton
  • Hipswell
  • Huttons, (The)
  • Isabella TInkler
  • Jenkins, Henry
  • Kean, Edmund
  • Keep, (The Castle) (2)
  • Lass of Richmond Hill (2)
  • Lawrence, Lord
  • Leyburn
  • page Longley, Archbishop
  • Market Day
  • Marske
  • Mary, Queen of Scots
  • Middleham Castle
  • Morris Dancers
  • Morritts, (The)
  • Old Time Customs
  • Oliver Ducket
  • Parish Church
  • Police, thenadays
  • Politics, thenadays (2)
  • Railway, the building of the
  • Redmire
  • Reeth
  • Restoration Times
  • Rokeby
  • Round Howe
  • School, (Grammar)
  • School Seal
  • Scott, Sir' Walter
  • Sister Dora
  • St. James' Chapel
  • St. Martins
  • Tate, Canon
  • Theatre Royal, (The)
  • Trinity Church
  • Voltigeur
  • Walburn Hall
  • Wensley
  • Wesleyan Methodism (4)
  • Willance's Leap
  • Woods, Richmond's)
  • Zetland, Marquis of

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