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"Yorkshire, Past and Present" by Thomas Baines on CDRom


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A History and Description of the three Ridings of the great County of York from the earliest ages to the year 1870

With an account of its commerce and Civil and Mechanical Engineering

by Thomas Baines
and including
An account of the Woolen Trade of Yorkshire


by Edward Baines MP


About the book:

As can be seen from the photograph above, this publication consists of four books. These are divided into two volumes, each volume consisting of just over 700 pages. Each book measures just over 9 inches by just under 12 inches and is 1.5 inches thick. In good condition these 4 books sell for around 100 pounds.

Each of the books contain 7 very detailed plates (both people and places), with the exception of the last one which contains only 6 plates.

Volume I :

    • West Riding
    • North Riding
    • East Riding
  • The Climate, Rainfall, Rivers, Seaports, and Coasts of Yorkshire
  • The Early History of the County of York
  • Settlement of the Angles or English in Yorkshire
  • The Angles or Early English in Yorkshire
  • The Danish Invasion of England, and the Settlement of the Danes and Norwegians in Yorkshire
  • Yorkshire under the Norman and Plantagenet Kings.
  • The wars for the succession to the English Crown in the fifteenth century.
  • Yorkshire under the House of Tudor
  • Yorkshire under the House of Stuart
  • Yorkshire under the House of Hanover

Volume II :

  • History of the City of York
  • History of the Borough of Leeds
  • History of the Borough of Bradford
  • History of the Borough of Halifax
  • History of the Borough of Huddersfield
  • History of the Borough of Dewsbury
  • History of the Borough of Wakefield
  • History of the Borough of Sheffield
  • History of the Borough of Kingston upon Hull
  • History of the Borough of Scarborough
  • History of the Borough of Whitby
  • History of the Borough of Middlesbrough
  • The West Riding
  • The North Riding
  • The East Riding
  • The Ainsty and City of York
  • Yorkshire at the 1871 Census

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