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Mecca News Index

Issue No. Contents (Main Articles)
#84 - Apr 2008 Voyage to Australia
The Weather Glass
Metcalfe's at Fort Collins
Mrs Vera Adams
Metcalfe's Missing Millions
The Weavers of Barnard Castle
#83 - Dec 2007 Muster Roundup
Christmas in the Dale
Those in Glasshouses...
Blind Jack of Knaresborough
DNA Profiling Wont Help
#82 - Aug 2007 A Pure Bree Metcalfe
An Unfortunate Start in Life
Nappa Hall Memories
Bishopdale Archives 2007
How Old Am I
The Luddite Connection - Part 1
T'Auld Gaet
#81 - Apr 2007 The Luddite Connection: Part 2. Trial & Tribulation
Copyright - Photographs
Not to the want of zeal of knowledge
From Ravenstonedale to Lancashire
With a Little Bit O' Luck - Again
This Absurd Tradition
#80 - Dec 2006  
#79 - Aug 2006  
#78 - Apr 2006 New, glossy paper format!
Metcalfe Links with Newby Hall
A Mecca Puzzle Solved
A Curve of Memory.. part 2
South African Metcalfe's
Who is Driver Metcalf
Katrina, Daughter of Eve
#77 - Dec 2005 Special 25th Anniversary Issue covering the September AGM and Gathering of the Clan
#76 - Aug 2005 What's in a Name?
Ireland's Metcalfe Gathering
A Curve of Memory through Upper Swaledale
#75 - Apr 2005 Mecca Dialects
A Prof's Own Adventure
The Metcalfes of Fordham
The Search for William Charles Metcalfe
#74 - Dec 2004 Extracts from the memoirs of Tom Metcalfe, head gardener to the Brocklebank Family, June 1939
Nicholas Metcalfe, Clerk in Holy Orders
Theophilus Metcalfe, d. 1757
A guide to publishing a genealogy website by Carol Herbert
Edward Barnard Metcalfe by George Buxton
The oldest house in Northallerton, built for Richard Metcalfe
#73 - Aug 2004 Vegetarianism - The Mecca Connection
Gayle Mill
Not of My Making by George Buxton
Mine's a Mr Softee!
Family History Sources - Libraries
Beldy Hill
Askrigg Scarecrows
#72 - Apr 2004 The Beldy Hill Dispute : Lead Mining in the Dales - Part 3
So Whose Calves are they?
Norfolk Island Doctor
We don't know who we are
#71 - Dec 2004 The Sunderland Metcalf's by Tony Metcalf M1390
Lead Mining in the Dales and the Metcalfe Clan by George Buxton M3 - Part 2
The Metcalfe Muster Apple Sauce Cake recipe
The Mourning Brooch by Christine Edmondson M1378
First Missionary by George Buxton M3
#70 - Aug 2003 Lead Mining in the Dales and the Metcalfe Clan by George Buxton M3 - Part 1
Charles Theophilus Baron Metcalfe of Fernhill in the County of Berkshire
A Love Story ... Edward Metcalfe and Martha Kaye Gorst
A Tortuous & Ungodly Jumble - Part 5
#69 - Apr 2003 A new way for family history?
Is Captain Lawrence E G Oates related to the Metcalfe Family?
A History of Ownership of the Old Post Office, Scorton, Yorkshire - Part 2
Writing your own Metcalfe story
A Tortuous & Ungodly Jumble - Part 4
#68 - Dec 2002 A History of Ownership of the Old Post Office, Scorton, Yorkshire - Part 1
A Long Journey to the Muster
A Tortuous & Ungodly Jumble - Part 3
Francis Edward Medcalf 1883-1927
#67 - Aug 2002 The Raydale Seige
A Tortuous and Ungodly Jumble - Part 2
The Old Yards of Darlington
#66 - Apr 2002 A Tortuous and Ungodly Jumble by David Lambert
Metcalfes at the Marae by Angela Young
Extracts from "Northern Catholics - The Catholic Recusants of the North Riding of Yorkshire 1558-1790"
A Genealogical Journey by Alison Hutton
#65 - Dec 2001 It's All in the Genes - Part 3 A Not Inconsiderable Fortune
Twenty First Birthday Muster Roundup
My Colonial Metcalfes in Australia - by Robyn E Metcalfe M669
#64 - Aug 2001 An American Line - Lister Washington Metcalfe
Francis Henry Medcalf
To Escape the Monster's Clutches - Fright of a Napoleonic Invasion
William Metcalfe
#63 - Apr 2001 Letters from a Seafaring Man - Joseph Brown Metcalfe 1881/2
Modern Mecca's
Napoleon's Coffin
#62 - Dec 2000 The Nation's Best Kept Secret
Rev Arthur Metcalf - A Biography
Its All in the Genes - Theophilus the Scribe - Part 2
The Family Records Centre
#61 - Aug 2000 Society of Friends - Part 2
Charles Halliday Metcalfe
Willard Leroy Metcalfe
Working on the Railways
#60 - Apr 2000 A Metcalfe Clockmaker
The Metcalfe Water Wheel
It's a Small World
Society of Friends
A Yank in Hawes .. A letter by Henry Metcalfe 1912
#59 - Dec 1999 Its All in the Genes - Theophilus the Scribe - Part 1
On the World Wide Web
The Northern Family History Fairs
#58 - Aug 1999 A Meeting Down Under
The Richard III Foundation
Metcalfe School Masters
Where There's a Will ...
To The Manor Born - Part 2
#57 - Apr 1999 Metcalfe Research Overseas
Metcalfe Records
To The Manor Born - Manorial Records
Lt Edmund Whiteford Metcalfe
#56 - Dec 1998 Nina - An Appreciation
Hipswell Mill - Part 2
By Their Misdemeanours Shall Ye Know Them
Metcalfe History of the Clan - Launch of the Book
#55 - Aug 1998 Hipswell Mill
From Hell, Hull and Halifax .. Metcalfe, History of the Clan
Unknown Cousins - Part 2
Cathedral of the Dales
#54 - Apr 1998 Unknown Cousins - Part 1
East Indies Connections
Wensley Church
The Council of Family Societies
A Day Out ... Courtesy of Yorkshire TV
#53 - Dec 1997 The Metcalfe Book
The Railway Metcalfes
#52 - Aug 1997 Metcalfes and Brushmaking
A Whitby Coal Cat
The Scene of the Crime
St Andrew's, Aysgarth
It's All Yours
The William Metcalfe
#51 - Apr 1997 The Metcalfes as Millers
How I Found My Metcalfe Family ... - Part 2
I am my own Granpa
The Metcalfes of Hull
Ralph Tiplady Metcalfe
#50 - Jan 1997 The Metcalfes in St Helena
Autobiography of Fred Metcalfe
The Lady Mary of Middleham
How I Found my Metcalfe Family ...
Agincourt: The Rise of Nappa
Christopher Metcalfe, Gentleman
Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Clive Thompson
#49 - Aug 1996 A Kiwi's Genealogy Jaunt
The Metcalfe Widows
St Margaret's Church, Hawes
You Never Know What You Will Find
#48 - Apr 1996 A Stroke of Good Luck (or the making of the fortune of Joe Metcalfe)
Another View of the Landlord and Tenant Relationship
St Oswald's Church, Askrigg
An Encounter with Ned Kelly
#47 - Dec 1995 That Sly Fox - William Reynard
Long Lived Metcalfes
The Cowkeepers (Dalesfolk who went to Liverpool)
Colonel the Reverend Neville Metcalfe
The Homecoming
#46 - Aug 1995 The Brough Cotton Mill
When is a M*tc**f not a Metcalf?
Seafaring Metcalfes
William Ramshaw Metcalfe
Wandering through the Indexes
#45 - Apr 1995 The First Metcalfe Divorce?
Ensign Metcalfe
A Court-martial Offence
A Modern Search
Before We Were Here
Canadian Meccas
NOT up the Pole?
#44 - Dec 1994 The Quest for Thomas Metcalfe
Will Abstracts - Part 2
Metcalfes in Mallerstang
The Tyne Cot Memorial
#43 - Aug 1994 A Letter from America
Craven's Great War Soldiers
Will Abstracts
#42 - Apr 1994 Early Metcalfe Freemen of York
The Kingman - Charles Metcalfe
John Ogilby - Cartographer
Professor Metcalfe - US Award
#41 - Dec 1993 Metcalfe Volunteers 1793
The Metcalfes of Nappa
Charles Metcalfe 1855
Methodist Circuit / Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Issue No. Contents (Main Articles)
#40 - Aug 1993 Michael Metcalfe b.1586
Metcalfes who died in the Far East, World War II
Farmer's Lament of 1860
Lincolnshire Metcalfes
Non-Conformists in Swaledale
#39 - Apr 1993 Dolly Metcalfe
Replies to "From Arkefrith to Howard Metcalfe"
The Yorkshire Journal
Early Emigrants to Nova Scotia
Genealogical Register - Britain
James Dobson Strikes a Familiar Note
Stanley Metcalfe
Bedale Police Charge Book
#38 - Dec 1992 Two Down Under Metcalfes Pay Us a Visit
That Metcalfe Temper
From Arkefrith to Howard Metcalfe 995-1992
Another Year in the Life of William Metcalfe of Sessay
Emigrants to the Americas
Studley Garth, Dent
From "The Annals of Leeds"
#37 - Aug 1992 Porch House, Northallerton
A Delve in the Dales - Part 3
Smith Metcalfe
Are You Named After Your Uncle?
Workers at Farfield Mill
Bankrupt Metcalfes
#36 - Apr 1992 A Year in the Life of William Metcalfe, Sessay Parks
1673 Hearth Tax North Riding
Body Snatchers in Yorkshire
Spencer's Directory 1886 - Richmond
A Delve in the Dales - Part 2
#35 - Dec 1991 Webb Connections?
A Delve in the Dales
Ripon Cathedral P R
Murdered Gamekeeper
Blind Bowlers
Spencer's Directory - Richmond
Commit it to the Cobwebs from Danny Gibson
Lawrence Oates (of Antarctic) d.1912
The Oldest House in Northallerton
The Story of My Life by Rev. Joseph Metcalf (c.1883)
#34 - Aug 1991 1881 Census Returns
Metcalfe Fortunes under Richard III
The Shade of Scots Mary
Hand-Knitters of the Dales
Missing Millions - The Final Chapter
Joseph Metcalfe's Diary
#33 - Apr 1991 Victoria, Australia - extracts
Metcalfes in upper Wensleydale 1605-13
St Oswald's Church, Askrigg
The Metcalfe Missing Millions
South Otterington Churchyard
The Metcalfes of Darnbrook
#32 - Dec 1990 Preston Deaths Index
Potholing Discoveries
Emigration in the 17th Century
17th Century Survey of Wensleydale
Extract from Dalesman
Magdalen Metcalfe
The Reverend Lister Metcalfe - Part 2
Immigration to New Zealand
Shildon Charities
The Story of Richmond
#31 - Aug 1990 Halberts Family History
Places to Visit
Wills of Miles and Matilda Metcalfe
Metcalfe Estates in Dominica
Is This Our Root?
Muker Marriages
Obituaries in Bradford Library
#30 - Apr 1990 Green Howard Connection
#29 - Dec 1989 Miles Metcalfe - A 15th Century Lawyer - Part 2
Ramblings of a Previous Editor by Valerie Metcalfe
Hardraw Monument Inscriptions
Metcalf, Illinois
Hertfordshire Indictments
#28 - Aug 1989 Miles Metcalfe - A 15th Century Lawyer
Might's 1899 Directory for Toronto, Canada
Unclaimed Dividends due before 1812 at the Bank of England - Part 2
Henry Metcalfe, H.M. 32nd Regiment of Foot - diary extracts
The Reverend Lister Metcalfe
Co. Durham 1851 Census
#27 - Apr 1989 A Visit to Nappa Hall by John R Metcalfe
Unclaimed Dividends due before 1812 at the Bank of England
The Dornix Weaver - The Sequel II
Metcalfe Families Throughout the World
Metcalfes at The Maritime Museum
#26 - Dec 1988 Notes on the Metcalfe Clan
The Metcalfes of Fern Hill - Follow up
The Dornix Weaver - The Sequel
Alexander Metcalf, Linton - From Saint to Sinner
Oswald Metcalfe, Hornby Castle - A Metcalfe Black Sheep
#25 - Aug 1988 Cherry Tree Farm
The Metcalfes of Fern Hill
Boer War Casualties
Open House at Ashford
Nicknames of Upper Swaledale
Sim's snuff Box by Dorothy Pope
Hardraw Monumental Inscriptions
Michael Metcalfe, The Dornix Weaver
South East Durham Marriage Index
William Metcalfe, Thirsk - The Loan Arranger
The Kirkby Malzeard Metcalfes by Terry Allinson
Leeds 1851 Census Index
#24 - Apr 1988 Stars of the Silver Screen
The Caribbean Connection
List of Patentees of Inventions 1617-1867
#23 - Dec 1987 An American VC - William Henry Metcalfe
Murder Most Foul by Dorothy Pope
Times Past
Sedbergh School Records
William George Metcalf, physician, b.1847
#22 - Aug 1987 Charities and Poor Relief - Leeds in the 16th/17th Centuries by J Metcalfe
Pavers Marriage Licences 1674 - 1747
#21 - Apr 1987 Book Corner
American & English Genealogies in the Library of Congress 1919
Wills proved at Chester - Part 4
Copeland, Kendal and Lonsdale Deaneries
The Metcalfes in "Yorkshire Village" 1950/3
Fountains Abbey (Yorkshire) Lease Book
Freemen of the City of London 1709-1894
#20 - Dec 1986 From Hawnby near Helmsley, Yorkshire to Nova Scotia, Canada by Denise Smith
Saddleworth Yorks Marriage Index 1800-37
Great Ilford, Essex 1851 Census
Wills proved at Chester - Part 3
Hartlepool 1851 Census
Stranton 1851 Census
#19 - Aug 1986 Wills proved at Chester - Part 2
Interests First Aroused by Alison Hutton
The Importance of being ... Cawthra
The Gentleman's Magazine - mentions 1731-1786
Cornelius Metcalf from Miss Denise Smith
References in the Westminster Abbey Muniment Room by George Buxton
1851 Census for Middlesborough
#18 - Apr 1986 Wills proved at Chester
How to Locate Wills
Fosters Yorkshire Pedigrees
1930 Catalogue of Documents for Sale
Sophia Ruth Metcalfe (Cawthra) b.1859
A Problem to Unravel - Metcalf(e) Saddleworth, Yorks
With a Little Bit O'Luck by Dorothy Pope
A Lincolnshire Metcalf Family by Barbara Kent
How The Metcalfe Society Began by Vera Adams
#17 - Dec 1985 Extracts from Pennine Panorama by Peter Wightman
From the Yorkshire Dalesman November 1947 - an account of a famous hall and a famous family
A Stranger Visits Yorkshire by James J Metcalf
Hipswell Mill by Fergus Brown 1919
Hipswell Mixed School Record Book 1871-90
#16 - Aug 1985 Southerscales George by H E Crossfield
Baron Metcalfe, Governor General of Canada
Metcalfes in India
Presentation to Mr W Metcalfe - Great Worker for His Church from Jane Parker
#15 - Apr 1985 The Metcalfe Index
A Study of Metcalfs
Tithe Map of Muker (Township) 1841
A Visit to the British Museum Reference Library by D Pope
Knaresborough Wills 1640-1858
The Yorkshire Gentry by J T Cliffe
Obituaries in The Times 1951-1975
Variations on a Theme
We Are All Human
#14 - Dec 1984 D'ye ken William Metcalfe?
Metcalfe entries in The Wensleydale Advertiser, 1844-46
English Surnames by H Fishwick, F.S.A.
West Riding of Yorkshire Poll Book 1835
Jack Metcalfe, The Bainbridge Hornblower
#13 - Aug 1984 Blind Jack Metcalf of Knaresborough by Lucy Rowlands
Booklist - useful for background research
Returns of Papists in the Diocese of Chester 1767 from The Catholic Record Society, from Shirley Walls
Non-appearance in parish Registers by Helen Offer
#12 - Apr 1984 One Day Conference at Spofforth by the Guild of One Name Studies
Lodge Hall, Ribblehead from Mrs R Kay
The Metcalfes of Raisgill, Ashes & Gauber by Helen Offer
The Metcalfe Index
Lancashire Wills 1621-1855
Stockport, Cheshire 1851 Census Returns
#11 - Dec 1983 English Surnames, Series I Yorkshire West Riding by George Redmonds
Metcalfes in 1983 by Jean & Frank Bradley
Barnard Castle, Co Durham Burial Registers - Jul 1816 to Oct 1848
25 Years in Raisgill - parish registers of Arncliffe, 1772-97
Leeds 1851 Census
#10 - Aug 1983 A List of Yorkshire Parishes having Chapelries
Ingleton Fells and Chapel-le-Dale by D H Offer
Grinton Registers by D H Offer
Some Metcalfes noted in books
Cumberland to Canada - extracts about a notable James Metcalfe from Flora Metcalfe, Ontario.
#9 - Apr 1983 The Metcalfes of Nappa and the reason for the Siege of Raydale. Extract from "Broad Acres" by Alfred J Brown, published in 1948.
The Metcalfe Index
Metcalfe Wills 1700-1809 at Leeds Archives
Memorials of Deeds, Wills etc from 1789-92 at West Yorkshire Record Office, Wakefield.
#8 - Dec 1982 The Clan Meeting
Birth Briefs
Wills - Part 2 : Intestacy by David Lambert
Curiosities of the Census by D H Offer
Newspaper Cuttings from the Craven Herald by D H Offer
Mecca's Lament by Dorothy Pope, Cleveland
#7 - Aug 1982 A Visit to the Genealogical Library, Huddersfield
Birth Briefs
#6 - Apr 1982 Wills - Part 1 by David Lambert
Will of Thomas Metcalfe 1712 from Shirley Walls, Clwyd
Metcalfe Nicknames
Leeds Parish Church Registers - Unpublished entries.
#5 - Dec 1981 Metcalfes in Ireland by J C Metcalfe of Ottowa
Family Reunion by Flora Metcalfe of Ontario
The Metcalfe Index
#4 - Sept 1981 Visit to Middleton calf by Mrs Mary Metcalfe, Leeds
Help Wanted / Offered
An Unexpected Source of Family History by Vera Adams
A Short History of the Family of George Buxton
#3 - Apr 1981 The Metcalfe Index
North Yorkshire County Record Office
Help Wanted / Offered
#2 - Dec 1980 Help Wanted / Offered
Be a Guest at Nappa Hall
Census Returns
#1 Information received from members.
The Metcalfe Clan

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