Do you have a Metcalfe, Metcalf, Medcalfe, Medcalf, Midcalfe, Midcalf (or any other variant) amongst your ancestors? With a master database of over 104,000 Metcalfe records covering births, marriages, deaths, wills and more we can help you find them - click here for details.

Metcalfe Society USB memory card

Metcalfe Society USB memory card


Product Information

NEW!! How do you save your data - for example when visiting an archive centre to do some research?

Why not use our new Metcalfe Society USB memory card? It clearly identifies the Society, is the same size as a standard credit or debit card and holds a whopping 16Gb of data. The USB connection simply pops out and the card is ready for use.

There are a limited number available - so please hurry!

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