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Notable Metcalfes



There are many Metcalfes who are notable and many Metcalfes are famous over the last few hundred years. There is a clear difference in meaning. They can be notable and/or famous for what they have said or done in both a positive or negative way.   Take a look at the accomplishments of many notable and famous Metcalfes over the years. There are many truly inspirational, funny, and newsworthy stories here. Many of their stories are featured in the Mecca News, of which some are also provided by our members as indicated by their member number. Take a look at the index of each edition to source where you can find out more about some of these Notable Metcalfes.  


Scientists & Inventors pushing the boundaries

Mason Jerome Metcalfe (Inventor)
Born in Fairfax, Maine, Oct. 18, 1807; son of Solomon and Hannah (Donnell) Metcalf; grandson of Simeon Metcalf, and a descendant of the Rev. Michael Metcalf, son of the Rev. Leonard Metcalf, for many years prior to 1616 rector of Norwich cathedral, Norfolk county, England.   Michael, the first in America, a Puritan, came from Yarmouth to Boston with his wife Sarah and nine children in 1637, and settled at Dedham. Solomon Metcalf was a school-teacher, and with his family went from Maine to Zanesville, Ohio. The family returned to Litchfield, Maine, and the son completed his education in the academy at Monmouth, Maine.   Mason engaged in the manufacture of stencils in Boston, at the same time conducting three mills at Monmouth. He was married, Nov. 13, 1834, to Hannah Elizabeth, daughter of John and Rosalinda (Straw) Welch of Monmouth. He resided alternately in Boston and Monmouth until 1864, and thereafter at Monmouth.   He invented a method of producing letter stencils by means of dies; a form of fence made of slabs from saw-mills, which was widely adopted, and a fan wheel for ventilation. He experimented with models for flying-machines, the principle involving the use of a fan wheel or propeller. Another device was a plough having a revolving cylinder with curved teeth, that could turn up the soil and at the same time pulverize it. He never patented an invention.   He was one of the organizers and the first deacon of the Congregational church of Monmouth. He died in Monmouth, Maine, July 23, 1883. (Source : The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume VII   submitted by Janet Ariciu).  

Professor Stan Metcalfe (Political Economist)
Executive Director of Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition. He is Stanley Jevons Professor of Political Economy and Cobden Lecturer at the University of Manchester. He has lectured at the Universities of Manchester and Liverpool and has been actively involved in the development of policy in the UK to do with science and technology. His research interests are "evolutionary economics and the modelling of evolutionary processes in relation to innovation, competition and economic growth." (Source :   The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume VII   submitted by Janet Ariciu).  

Dr. Robert Metcalfe (Revolutionary Etherworld Inventor)
Formerly of New York, Boston, California and now of Kelmscott Farm, Linconville, Maine:   Ethernet inventor, 3Com founder, a visiting fellow in Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge, England during 1991-1992 and cyberspace visionary and journalist. (Cousin of M978).  

Dean D. Metcalfe M.D. (Scientist)  
In December, 1995,   named chief of the Laboratory of Allergic Diseases at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md., a component of the National Institutes of Health. The laboratory is dedicated to state-of-the-art scientific investigations of allergic diseases, which affect as many as 50 million Americans."

James O. Metcalfe   (Medical Doctor)  
A   leader in Canadian Urology. He helped win international recognition for Canadian urological training programmes while guiding many of the major urological developments over the last fifty years. Now retired he plays golf, fishes for trout and he and his wife Betty have discovered Bridge. They also travel the continent extensively visiting their four children and fourteen grandchildren. (Supplied M541 from an article by Peter Metcalfe - J.O's grandson.)

Chris Metcalf   (Staff Scientist)  
Staff scientist (and co-founder) at InCert Software, Cambridge, USA, a software-development company designing application fault management software.

Ida Martha Metcalf (Mathematician)
(August 26, 1857 - October 24, 1952). In the 1870's she taught in various one-room schools in New Hampshire communities. In 1886 Ida earned her Baccalaureate degree from Boston University. She then attended Cornell University, receiving her M.S. degree in 1889. In 1893 she became the second American woman to receive a Ph.D. in mathematics with a dissertation entitled "Geometric Duality in Spaces". For a time she was an assistant to Professor George Williams Jones in writing his mathematical textbooks, drill books in algebra and trigonometry, and logarithm and interest tables. Ida worked for a time as a security analyst in a banking office in New York, then won a competitive examination for a Civil Service position in the office of the Comptroller of New York City. She apparently was the first woman to win such an examination. She served in this office until her retirement.

Actors & Directors - On the Stage

Edward Metcalfe (Actor)
Cast in ‘The Red Widow’ by Channing Pollock, Rennold Wolf & Charles J Gebest at the Forrest Theatre (Philidelphia) Week beginning January 27, 1911.   Cast : Raymond Hitchcok, Claire Grenville, Geoge White, Flora Zabelle, Minerva Coverdale, Edward Metcalfe, George Romain.


Mark Metcalf (American Actor)
Born on March 11, 1946 in Findlay, Ohio.   Mark has had a great career, appearing in many movie and TV roles, such as Seinfeld, All McBeal and Party of Five. He played The Master in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Douglas C. Neidermeyer in National Lampoon's Animal House. Mark has also directed.


Laurie Metcalf (American Talent)
(ISU B.A., 1976): TV series, "Roseanne"; films, "Making Mr. Right" and "Desperately Seeking Susan"; founding member of Steppenwolf Theatre; many roles for Steppenwolf and for television. Birthdate: June 16, 1955 Birthplace: Edwardsville, IL (Added by M266).


Stan Laurel (Funny Man)
Arthur Stanley Jefferson was born on 16th June 1890 at Ulverston, Lancashire. His mother was Madge Metcalf and father, Arthur J. Jefferson. He had one sister Olga and two brothers, Teddy and Gordon. Madge was an actress with the Jefferson Theatre Group, which toured England, his father was a playwright. As a boy Stan worked with the Jefferson Company. Later he changed his name to Stanley Laurel and joined Fred Karno's comedy group and became the second biggest name of the bill (Charlie Chaplin was first). In 1910 he went to America with the group and two years later Stan was top of the bill after Chaplin left. By 1924 Stan was working with a young producer Hal E. Roach, as a scriptwriter. He got to know many of the big stars including a man he had first met seven years earlier, Oliver Hardy. By 1926 Stan was writing and starring in his own films. The well known comedy duo of Laurel and Hardy was born. (On 23rd February 1965 Stan died of a heart attack at the age of 74.) (Added by M266).


Burt Metcalfe (Director)
Those of you that follow the US comedy series MASH might have noticed that the director was Burt Metcalfe. We have no record on our database of Burt - do any of you out there know anything about him?


Sportsmen & Sportswomen


Ralph Harold Metcalfe (Olympic Athlete)
Born in Atlanta, Ga., May 29, 1910. U.S. Representative from Illinois, 1971-78. Gold, silver and bronze medal winner at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles, California and 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Track coach and political science instructor at Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Died in Chicago, Ill., October 10, 1978. Interment at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Worth, Ill. Ralph Metcalfe was part of the USA men’s 100m relay team that broke the world record on 9 August 1936 in a time of 39.8seconds that was held for 20 years and 3 months (7,412 days) until beaten on 1 December 1956. The team consisted of Jesse Owens, Ralph Metcalfe, Foy Draper and Frank Wykoff.  


Fraser Metcalfe (‘Mountaineer’)
One of only two members of the self-styled Stockport Secret Climbing Club, Fraser Metcalfe had secretly abseiled from the town's 110ft viaduct and scaled the town hall. The midnight mountaineering came to an end when going on an across the town centre rooftops escapade the police apprehended the climbers and they were fined for what the magistrate called a 'boyish prank'. Manchester Metro 26 July 1996. (M316).


Samantha Metcalfe (Sailor)
Appearing in the Guinness Book of Records for 1997 under yachting is Samantha Metcalfe who holds the British high speed record at 37.21 knots made at Sota Vento Beach, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands on 29 July 1995.


Augusta Metcalfe (Cowgirl)
Honoree honored by the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall Of Fame.


Carolyn Metcalfe (Rodeo Rider)
For the second time Carolyn Metcalfe, 4th cousin to David Metcalfe (M46) and niece to Shirley Metcalfe (M731) qualified for the Canadian Rodeo Finals. To reach the event she took part in 46 rodeos and came in the top ten list of prize winners.


Peter Metcalfe (Tennis Coach)
At the Muscat Inter-Continental Hotel tennis coach Peter Metcalfe was given a farewell party including a tennis match and other novelty programmes. At the end of the party along with gifts and mementoes a shield was presented by the vice president of the Oman Tennis Association in appreciation of Peter's role in promoting tennis in the Sultanate. (From the Times of Oman 4 May 1996 provided by M604).


Authors &   Publishers - The Literary Page

Michael P. Metcalf (Publisher)
Late publisher of the Providence Journal of Rhode Island, USA. "Was keenly interested in marine and environmental issues and was known for his integrity, vision, and high standards for writing." The Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting was established at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography in 1997 in his honour.


(William) John Metcalfe (Teacher, Writer & Novelist)
1891-1965 born in Heacham, Norfolk, England on October 6, 1891, was a teacher, short story writer, and novelist recognized primarily for his works of science fiction. His father, William Charles Metcalfe, wrote sea stories for boys and during John Metcalfe's childhood served as a superintendent of orphanages in Canada, England, and Scotland. He is best remembered as an author of science fiction and macabre stories. He also wrote several novels and some poetry. He emigrated the the U.S. in 1928 but returned to England in 1964. Some of John Metcalfe's principal works include THE SMOKING LEG AND OTHER STORIES (1925); SPRING DARKNESS (in America, MRS. CONDOVER, 1928); ARM'S LENGTH (1930); JUDAS (1931); FOSTER-GIRL (in America, SALLY: THE STORY OF A FOSTER GIRL, 1936); ALL FRIENDS ARE STRANGERS (1948); THE EASTING DEAD (1954); and MY COUSIN GEOFFREY (1956). Metcalfe also contributed short stories to various magazines and anthologies.


John Metcalf (Author)
Writer and editor, was born in Carlisle, England, and was educated at the University of Bristol. He emigrated to Canada in 1962. In addition to his own writings (novels, stories and essays), held the unsalaried post of Senior Editor of the Porcupine's Quill of Erin, Ontario and the editor of Canadian Notes and Queries.


Fred Metcalf (Author)
Compiled The Penguin Dictionary of Modern Humorous Quotations. 1986. Dedicated to brothers, Roger and Joe. (Added by M266).




Jonothan Metcalfe (Australian Politician)
In the 2001 Australian General Election, for the seat of Leichhardt. the Green Party candidate was Jonothan Metcalfe who polled 3,307 votes of 74,232. Liberals retained the seat. Normally the democrats would have been the highest of the minor parties but a Metcalfe beat them in this seat reflecting the rest of the country too. (Submitted by Del McDonnel, Australia, 20 Nov 2001.)


James Henry Metcalfe MPP & MP (“Prince of Good Fellows)
Born at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, January 8, 1848, James was the eldest child of six born to John Metcalfe and Gladwise Bridget Matthews. Educated in Kingston, at the age of 16 years, he became a school teacher and head master in several Kingston schools until the age of 33. In 1869 James married Margaret Jane Clute (1849-1911), second daughter of Fraser and Lucinda Clute of Amherst Island and eleven children were born to them. Between 1880-1886 Mr. Metcalfe was an Auctioneer and Commissioner of Crown Lands in Kingston and the Northern Territories. His father, John, had emigrated from Bainbridge, Yorkshire, England and was a well-respected man in Frontenac County and was known especially for his knowledge of horses and their breeding. It followed that James carried on the tradition and he also became well-known and respected within racing circles, both in Canada and the United States. During the Kingston Races on Victoria Day, 1901, a newspaper article referred to him as "that good horseman and prince of good fellows". James was the proud owner of more than one winner. Mr. Metcalfe was active in all levels of government as a member of the Conservative Party - municipal, provincial, federal. Alderman representing Frontenac Ward on Kingston City Council 1873-1878, Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament (M.P.P.) for Kingston Riding 1879-1892, elected for Kingston Riding to Canada Federal Parliament (M.P.) 1893-1896, after Sir John A. Macdonald's death. During the 1892 Dominion election, the Ottawa Journal referred to James as "not much style about him, but he's a good one to go". Mr. Metcalfe was a close friend of Sir John. In 1896 he was appointed Warden of the Kingston Penitentiary at Portsmouth and remained there until his retirement in 1899. James was a collector of the written word, many of those words were his own in the poems he wrote. Margaret Jane Clute died in 1911 and James Henry Metcalfe died on January 1, 1925 at Kingston, Ontario and their grave site is at Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston. Submitted by Ruth Carr (James Henry Metcalfe was the Great Uncle of   M912).


Lee Metcalfe (Montana Congressman)
Born in Stevensville on January 28, 1911, Lee Metcalf was the first Montana native to serve the state in the U.S. Senate. After graduating from Stanford University in 1936, he earned his law degree from the University of Montana Law School. Metcalf was a state legislator, assistant Montana Attorney General and Associate Justice of the Montana Supreme Court prior to his election to Congress in 1952." He was a liberal and conservationist and led many fights for the protection of federal forest and grazing lands. In 1961 he became a Senator winning three races and serving until his death in Helena, Montana, January 12, 1978. Lee Metcalf Forest was named in his memory. His ashes are scattered in one of his favourite areas in Montana. Author of Overcharge, 1967. A book about him was written by Richard Warden: Metcalf of Montana: How a Senator Makes Government Work, 1965.


Arunah Metcalfe (New York Representative)
Born August 15, 1771; attended the common schools; moved from Connecticut to New York and settled in Otsego (now Cooperstown), in 1802; elected as a Republican to the Twelfth Congress (March 4, 1811-March 3, 1813); member of the State assembly 1814-1816; president of the Otsego County Agricultural Society in 1818; unsuccessful candidate for election to the State senate in 1819; again a member of the New York State assembly in 1828; died in Cooperstown, Otsego County, N.Y., August 15, 1848.


Thomas ‘Old Stonehammer’ Metcalfe (American Politician)
(1780-1855): Born in Fauquier County, Va., March 20, 1780. Served in the U.S. Army during the War of 1812; member of Kentucky state house of representatives, 1812-16; U.S. Representative from Kentucky, 1819-28; Governor of Kentucky, 1828-32; member of Kentucky state senate, 1834; U.S. Senator from Kentucky, 1848-49. During an epidemic, died of cholera, near Carlisle, Ky., August 18, 1855. Interment in private or family graveyard buried in "Forest Retreat", Nicholas Co. Metcalfe County, Ky. is named for him. His nephew was V.M Metcalfe. (Added by M266).


Charles Theophilus Metcalfe (The Queen's Representative)
First Baron - Born at Calcutta, India 30 January 1875; died at Malshanger, Hampshire, England 5 September 1846. Governor General of British North America 1843-45. Educated at Eton and in 1801 joined the Indian Civil Service, where he earned a reputation as a talented and judicious administrator. He succeeded to his father's baronetcy in 1822, and later was appointed Provisional Governor General of India. Between 1838 and 1842, he served as Governor of Jamaica. Metcalfe arrived in Canada early in 1843 to replace Sir Charles Bagot, with instructions to make no concessions towards responsible government, the principle on which was founded Bagot's existing Reform ministry headed by Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine. In November 1843 he provoked his ministers' resignations by making appointments without their approval. For some nine months he carried on the government with the aid of a single minister, Dominick Daly. In August 1844 he formed a Conservative administration headed by William Henry Draper, and was sustained at the polls by a small majority in November 1844. Afflicted with cancer of the face, Metcalfe laboured under the most difficult personal circumstances, yet he devoted long office hours to official business. He moved the capital to Montreal, negotiated pardons for the rebels of 1837-38 who had been deported to Australia, consolidated Lord Sydenham's work in the civil service and gave generous financial support to many cultural and philanthropic causes. In November 1845 the progress of his disease giving him no other choice, Metcalfe resigned his office and left for England. As a reward for his service, he had been created Baron Metcalfe of Fern Hill early in 1843, but his titles became extinct when he died. — Jacques Monet, S.J. (Provided by M912).


James Metcalfe (Canadian M.P.)
Born in Cumberland, England, 1822; son of James Metcalfe and Anne Finlinson; married Ellen Howson, 1843; attended school at Manchester, England; came to Canada, 1841, and became a builder at Toronto; emigrated to Australia, 1851, but returned to Toronto in 1858; was again a builder and real estate broker and financier at Toronto; was Vice President, Royal Canadian Bank; elected to the House of Commons, 1867, for York East, Ontario; re-elected, 1872, 1874; defeated, 1878; Liberal; died, 3 September 1886, at Toronto, Ontario. From the Canadian Directory of Parliament 1867-1967 (Submitted by M912).


Ralph Metcalfe (Governor of New Hampshire)
Governor of New Hampshire, 1855/57. Born in Charlestown, he was admitted to the New Hampshire Bar (1826); he entered politics as New Hampshire's Secretary of State (1831/36); he won the 1855 race for governor. Metcalf campaigned against public sale of liquor, opposed extending slavery into new territories, helped enact a new law requiring immigrants to be in the United States for twenty-one years before becoming eligible for citizenship. Metcalf retired in 1857, and practised law in Claremont until his death in August 26, 1858. He was born Nov 21 1798, married Lucretia Ann Bingham in 1835 and Martha Ann Gilmore in 1843. (Portrait by: A. Tenney) Suggested by M978.




Eric Metcalfe
Eric Metcalfe is a Canadian   artist born 1940 Vancouver, Canada. He became involved in the mail art correspondence network with Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov in 1963, has exhibited at the University of British Columbia Fine Arts Gallery in 167, Victoria Art Gallery in 1968; he was also included in the 1970 Whitney Museum of American Art exhibition New York Correspondence School, and Morris/Trasov's Image Bank Postcard Show, 1971. In 1969 Metcalfe married artist Kate Craig, collaborating together as Dr. Brute and Lady Brute. Metcalfe's Leopard Reality research begun in 1970 led to exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery, collaborations with Mr. Peanut and Marcel Dot, General Idea, and Hank Bull, and performance at the 1974 Decca Dance in Los Angeles. Metcalfe also produced and performed in film and video extensively in 1972, in 1973 co-founding the Western Front artists' centre in Vancouver and from 1978 curating its performance programme. Metcalfe continues to collaborate, exhibit and perform widely in Canada, Europe, the United States and Australia, notably at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 1984, and at Documenta 8, 1987. The fonds consists of correspondence, postcards, photographic prints, drawings and film. Related material is held by the Canada Council Art Bank, the National Gallery of Canada, the Vancouver Art Gallery, as well as other collections internationally. Donated by Eric Metcalfe 1996.  


Gene Metcalfe
Gene Metcalfe describes himself as a realist. Watercolour being a favourite media. "It's fresh, spontaneous, exciting and always a challenge. I also use oil, but for different subject matter." Metcalfe is a Juried member of the Arizona Watercolor Association. Gene's early sketches were all confiscated by German officers in 1944-1945 at Stalag VII-A, Mao Seburg, Gemany. By profession, Metcalfe is a teacher/coach, in elementary, secondary school and college. He is a watercolourist and also does murals. Education: The Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Southern California. Metcalfe is a committee member to establish a combination M.F.A. degree/teaching credentials for post-graduate candidates at Stanford University.  


Moira Metcalfe
Since qualifying with a foundation in York   in 1976,   followed by BA hons 3 years in North Staffs Polytechnic, Moira   has   pursued her artistic career alongside   life in the Yorkshire Dales, the principal influence on her work. Moira   opened a studio/gallery 25 years ago and since that time has seen her work evolving from watercolour (including watercolour on silk) to the predominantly oil based canvasses that she   now produces.   Moira has exhibited in many places locally, and was one of the founder members of the "Women off the Wall" exhibitions held in the Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes.   She has exhibited in Leeds, Manchester and London, the last exhibition being "Ultra" held in The Colomb Art Gallery in Marylebone, London.   In 2014 her work was "heroed" by the Wensleydale Creamery.   Moira's work is currently held in several galleries in and around the Dales, Lancashire and her own studio/gallery   Artbar Gallery   at Appersett, just outside of Hawes in Upper Wensleydale.


National Portrait Gallery
A search through the listings of the UK National Portrait GalleryUK National Portrait Gallery in London returns 6 Metcalfe sitters. Submitted by M1135.





Bridget Metcalfe
After moving to London from where she was born in the north east of England,   Bridget Metcalfe has become a successful singer songwriter. Her song writing crosses many different styles and Bridget is an artist who always seems to bring an element of surprise every time she reveals her next move. Link provided by M583.

Megan Metcalfe
Album released 1996 "Love is an Outlaw". Recorded, mixed and mastered at Bakerstreet, Vancouver B.C., Canada. Internet review: "...Love is an outlaw / that's committed no crime" sings Megan Metcalfe on the title track of this insightful CD. Together with musical partner Robbie Steininger (who is credited with playing every conceivable kind of guitar and mandolin in addition to well as co-writing some of the original songs), Metcalfe delivers a landmark release. This album is a dynamic marriage of poetry and soundscape, tailored for the growing acoustic rock/pop market of music lovers who demand real instruments, real lyrics and real music. (Add by M266 from Internet sources)


Fictional Metcalfes (Saving the World ...Naturally!)


Captain Scarlet
Captain Scarlet, the title character of the TV series "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons," produced by Gerry Anderson in the 1960s (he also produced Thunderbirds, UFO, and Space:1999 among others and the series   "Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet"), has the "real name" of Paul Metcalfe according to the official biographies.   More details   Submitted by: Mrs. Mary J. Rudy, Philadelphia, PA, USA


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