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Membership Renewal


The Metcalfe Society values all our members and are grateful for their contributions,  large and  small,   through their membership.     After all, without our  members there would be no Society.   Members have enabled  us to accomplish so much over the last 40 years  

  • Help a larger number of new members expand their family trees  
  • Help overseas visitors learn about their heritage  
  • Secure the resource & funding to develop the  website you are reading now!

Check Your Membership Status

Life is just so busy these days. So it is easy to overlook renewing   membership of any organisation. A few questions that may be raised ...  

  • Have you paid for the current year already?
  • Have you paid in advance for several years?
  • Have you setup a UK Bank Standing Order?
  • Have you signed a Gift Aid declaration?

If you are unsure of any, or all of these, please contact the Membership Secretary (see Contacts).   To avoid these questions each year, members can   renew for a number of years and avoid any membership cost rises or reminders. UK members can also set up a Standing Order, which can be downloaded or requested from the Membership Secretary (see   Contacts).    


When is it Time to Renew Membership?

Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year. A reminder to renew membership is despatched with the e-newsletter in December requesting members to renew in early January by one of the methods below. In March, a  further reminder is sent to those members who have not renewed. If The Society  doesn't hear from a member by the end of April, the membership is deemed to have expired.


How to Renew Membership  

Members can pay for their membership renewal in a variety of ways :

  • By Standing Order (UK members only)
  • By UK £ sterling cheque payable to The Metcalfe Society
  • By other local currency cheque: Membership fees can be paid in local currency (for any number of years) to our agents in Australia and Canada (see   Contacts)  
  • Renew Online Here and pay by credit/debit card or Paypal

Don't forget to choose Gift Aid  if you are a UK taxpayer. Download the Membership  Renewal Form, the Standing Order Form & Gift Aid Form  or request them from the Membership Secretary   (see   Contacts). Return the completed application form and payment to the Membership Secretary or the local agent in Australia or Canada   (see   Contacts).  and send the Standing Order form to your bank to set up a regular payment


Has your Membership Lapsed? Do you Wish to Rejoin?

For many reasons, a membership may lapse. We are always delighted to welcome members back to The Society, no matter how many years may have lapsed. Please contact the Membership Secretary  (see  Contacts) who will arrange with you to reinstate your original membership number and update your contact details or issue you with a new number.

The cost of rejoining The Society after membership has lapsed for more than one year is the same as the normal annual subscription, but if rejoining after five or more years, we do ask that you pay the research fee again, so we can check for any additional information that has come in since you were last a member.  


We hope you will renew your membership this coming year.  


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