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Family Trees

The Metcalfe Society holds over 105,000 records of individuals on the main Metcalfe Computer Index, which is searchable online by our members or with the help of our Archivist.   These records are just that - individuals. The next step is to find out where and how these individuals fit together, which is a bit like putting the jigsaw puzzle together without knowing what the picture looks like.


What helps The Society, and therefore all our members, is if we can join as many together as possible. The best way of doing that is for members to send their Family Tree to The Society in whatever format it is held - be it on paper, multiple bits of paper stuck together or in a file - whichever is most convenient.   The details of the individuals on the family tree are checked and incorporated into the main Metcalfe ‘Mecca Index’.   We are also be pleased to accept submissions from non-members.


What do we want to know?  

Let us have whatever is possible - for example, if all you know about father's uncle Joe is that he was born around 1825 at Askrigg and was thought to have gone to Canada then this will do and may well be a missing link to a Canadian member.  


What form of presentation is required?  

Anything that suits you, just as long as everything is clearly legible.  


How and where do I send my family tree?  

Please send us a copy of your family tree, not your one and only master! Ensure that your name and membership number are written on all papers and send to the Archivist (see Contacts).   Please also note that due to the number of enquiries The Society receives, although your email may be acknowledge quickly, you may have to wait some time for your Tree to be processed and we ask for your patience with this.   Family Trees are often published wherever possible on display boards at each Mecca Muster. So why not bring yours along to the event too for everyone to see.

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