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2017 : Mecca Muster - 37th Annual Mecca Muster

The date and location are confirmed - Saturday 30 September 2017, Tennants Garden Rooms, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. Details about the 2017 event will be announced in Spring 2017, along with the booking form. Make a note of the date in your diary.


2016 : Mecca Muster - 36th Annual Mecca Muster, Leyburn, Wensleydale

Saturday 8 October 2016, Tennants Garden Rooms, Leyburn, North Yorkshire.  
This event has now happened. See   The Society's Facebook page   for reports and photos.


2015 : Mecca Muster - 35th Annual Mecca Muster, Leyburn, Wensleydale

Saturday 3 October 2015, Tennants Garden Rooms, Leyburn, North Yorkshire.  
This event has now happened. See   The Society's Facebook page   for reports and photos.

2010 : Mecca Muster - 30th Annual Mecca Muster, Hawes, Wensleydale

Impressions of the Metcalfe Society AGM 2010 :   I came   to the Metcalfe Society AGM in Ripon in 1999 and it was a pleasure to return this year to Hawes with my friend, Charlotte, who researches her family history in Scotland and Ireland. We stayed in Northallerton on Oct 7th and I visited the Family Records Office. They had a new accession which I perused that morning.   It was the diary of   a teacher, James Coates, written April – October 1785 in North Yorkshire.   I thought I may find some Metcalfe's mentioned.   I found the following:

“Mr. Metcalfe got to Richmond at 6 o'clock, drunky! He has little conduct indeed."

We headed to   Hawes Museum   and Charlotte and I were warmly greeted by the executive of the Metcalfe Society.   The displays of items for sale and even the free books   were amazing. I now have a   Nappa Hall   painting by Mary Metcalfe   proudly displayed in the “Metcalfe corner” of my home.

I   have been stuck on my research for many years so the DNA project coordinated by Martin Metcalfe has been very interesting re the migration of our ancestors.   I am connected to Harold Metcalfe (M1389) with the DNA results and after many emails back and forth, it was a delight to meet Harold and Margaret Metcalfe for dinner on Oct 8th.   After a short   period of time in the bar, Charlotte noticed that Harold and I had the same nose!     DNA must really work. There was always a “Metcalfe walk” in our family but I had never heard of “the Metcalfe nose”.   I hope the drunky Metcalfe in Richmond 1785 did not have this nose!!

Saturday's morning meeting went well with many existing executives willing to be re-elected. We do appreciate the volunteer work done by the executives. Lunch was pleasant at Beckindales and we enjoyed meeting members Dr. John Chippendale and his wife. Lady Teviot's speech in the afternoon was informative and most entertaining.   Thanks to everyone for making our visit to Hawes a memorable weekend.
Sandi Walton M541 Vancouver, BC Canada   & guest, Charlotte Granewall

2005 : Metcalfes Muster at their Wensleydale Roots - Celebrating 25 years of The Metcalfe Society

Held on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September 2005, Dales Countryside Museum Hawes and West Burton Village Hall, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.   The weekend was a complete success and judging by the feedback received was thoroughly enjoyed by all who were able to attend. The Society received good press coverage with the Group Photograph appearing in quite a few northern newspapers.   For example the Northern Echo on Monday 26 September showed the above superb photograph and write up. (Bit of a shame that there was a slight error in the write-up in that there was only a guided walk to view Nappa Hall, with the Saturday meal being held at the Rose & Crown Bainbridge).  

1981 : The gathering of the founding members for the First AGM of the newly formed Metcalfe Society  

Held in Leeds in September 1981, the newly formed Metcalfe Society was formed by M001 Mary Metcalfe   and M002 Vera Adams.  

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