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The name ‘Metcalfe’ (and all spelling variants of course) appears all around the world - whether they are shops, streets, towns, companies, famous people etc. Here is a flavour of who and where you can see the Metcalfe name. We will be adding more images to this page to bring these locations to life. Do let us know more via our Facebook page or email the Editor (see   Contacts).    


Here are a few sightings in the UK of Metcalfe businesses, courtesy of our members .....seems to be a thread of property here too ....

*   Blackpool - Metcalf Estate Agents
*   Bolton - Miller Metcalfe. Letting agents
*   Knightsbridge, London - Susan Metcalfe, Residential Property Agent
*   Littlehampton, Sussex - Hawke & Metcalfe, estate agents
*   Stourbridge - Midcalf Nicholls
*   Torquay - Metcalfes Estate Agents
*   Pateley Bridge - J. Metcalfe & Son, brewers
*   Fakenham, Norfolk - J Metcalf Jewellers
*   Leyburn -   Metcalfe Farms - Farming, haulage contractors
*   Maesteg, Wales -   Metcalfe Street
A terrace of about 47 houses built c.1848 by the Llynvi Iron Company for its colliers and iron miners. Named after William Metcalfe (Mitcalfe) the major shareholder in the iron company. Mitcalfe was born in Tynemouth in 1887 and became a wealthy London coal factor before investing heavily in the iron company in about 1843. He died in Bristol in 1863. [Submitted by David Lewis, Swansea, Wales, UK]
*   Newcastle upon Tyne - University Chambers 67 Westgate Road
A brief history of the buildings now owned by Newcastle Arts Centre. (View Source).   Although only known as "University Chambers" during the first half of the twentieth century, 67 Westgate Road, the oldest building within the Arts Centre complex, was for over 400 years owned by University College Oxford, during which time it was leased to various people. It is very likely that the land itself was part of a number of deeds presented to the University in 1447 by Alice Bellasis, the daughter of Sir Robert Hansard,..."in consideration of masses to be said... for her soul after her death and for the souls of her kinfolk." Before being occupied by the most famous of its residents, the Ridley Family, the land, on which at the time stood two houses, was leased in 1693 by William Metcalfe. A member of the Company of Hostmen, which under a charter granted by Elizabeth the First held a virtual monopoly over the coal industry of the area, he was made a Freeman of Newcastle on the 20th May 1698, the same day on which Matthew White, the future father-in-law of Sir Matthew White Ridley, also became a Freeman of the town. It was William Metcalfe who almost certainly converted the original two houses into a single property, forming the basis for the building as it stands today. The current house is in a style that dates it to about 1725.



*   Metcalfe county in Kentucky
*   The Metcalfe House: A Building in the 'Early Colonial' Style by McKim, Mead and White  
A brilliant center," wrote Frances Wolcott, nee Metcalfe, of the "life my mother presided over . . . in the first house in Buffalo planned and erected by McKim, Mead and White" (1). Until last February, that building, which was commissioned in 1882 by Frzelia Stetson Metcalfe and her son James, stood at 125 North Street (Figure 1). The structure has now [in 1980] been demolished to make way for a parking lot to serve the adjacent building, the former George L. Williams residence, also designed by McKim, Mead and White which is to be remodeled into offices for Delaware North Companies, Inc.
*   Metcalfe House, Storm Lake, Iowa, USA [View Full Article]  
"The original owner of the house was Louis J.(L.J.) Metcalf. Metcalf built the house between 1885 and 1909. He bought the lot where the house now stands for $171.00. L.J. was widowed in 1888. Metcalf's descendants who have visited the house report that he built the home on Geneseo Street some time after he married his second wife in 1890..."   [Suggested by M266]
*   Metcalfe House, Bakersfield, USA  
Article appearing on Kern County Museum Site [View Full Article]   "The Metcalf House is built in the Eastlake style. The Queen Anne style, of which the Howell House is an example, borrowed many of the same features, yet the differences in the standard of living between the Metcalfs and the Howells are apparent in the construction... "The article also includes a history of the Metcalfes who lived there.[Suggested by M266]



*   Metcalfe - town on the outskirts of Ottawa, Canada
*   Port Metcalfe, Wolfe Island, Canada [View Source] 1878 Atlas Map.[Suggested by M912]
*  Plaque located at Government House, Alwington Place, Kingston, Ontario, Canada [View Source] GOVERNMENT HOUSE, Alwington House, which stood on this site, was completed in 1832 by Charles W. Grant, fifth baron of Longueuil. It was enlarged in 1841 to serve as the vice-regal residence during the period when Kingston was the capital of the united Province of Canada. Three governors general, Lord Sydenham, Sir Charles Bagot, and Charles Metcalfe, occupied the house. When the capital was removed to Montreal in 1844, Alwington was returned to Baron Longueuil. It was subsequently occupied by the Reverend J. A. Allen, author of scientific works and father of the Canadian novelist Grant Allen. Badly damaged by fire in 1958, it was demolished the following year.



  The following list of place names containing the Metcalfe name was found using the databases of The Thesaurus of Geographic Names, ‘Streetmap’, and ‘Australian Place Name Search, as well as submissions by members and non-members.  


Place Name







Metcalfe Lake lake Australia NSW - 33.05S 148.22E
Metcalfe Road street Australia Perth - - -
Metcalfe town Australia Victoria - 37.06S 144.25E
Metcalfe East town Australia Victoria - 37.09S 144.28E
Metcalfe Place, Epping, Melbourne street Australia Victoria - - -
Metcalfe Pool water body Australia Victoria - 36.56S 144.33E
Metcalfe State Forest forest Australia Victoria - 37.08S 144.23E
Metcalf Crescent, Rowville, Melbourne street Australia Victoria - - -
Metcalfe town Canada Ontario - 45.14N 75.28W
Metcalfe Building, 726 Princess Street, Kingston building Canada Ontario - - -
Metcalfe Hill, Elora cemetery Canada Ontario - - -
Metcalfe Road, Windsor Street Canada Ontario - - -
Metcalfe Street, Ottawa Street Canada Ontario - - -
Metcalfe Road, Regina street Canada Saskatchewan - - -
Metcalfe Road street India Agra - - -
Metcalfe Road, Henderson street New Zealand - - - -
Metcalfe Road, Matakohe street New Zealand - - - -
Metcalfe Street, Maesteg street UK - Bridgend - -
Medcalfe Drive, Chatteris street UK - Cambridgeshire - -
Metcalfe Lane, Over street UK - Cambridgeshire - -
Metcalfe Way, Haddenham, Ely street UK - Cambridgeshire - -
Metcalfe Street, Carlisle street UK - Cumberland - -
Metcalfe Avenue, Killamarsh, Sheffield street UK - Derbyshire - -
Metcalfe Close, Alvaston street UK - Derbyshire - -
Metcalfe Crescent, Murton, Seaham street UK - Durham - -
Metcalfe Road, Consett street UK - Durham - -
Metcalfe Avenue, Newhaven street UK - East Sussex - -
Medcalf Road, Enfield street UK - Greater London - -
Metcalf Walk, Feltham street UK - Greater London - -
Metcalf Mews, Uppermill, Oldham street UK - Greater Manchester - -
Metcalf Terrace, Ainsworth, Bolton street UK - Greater Manchester - -
Metcalfs Yard, Blackrod, Bolton street UK - Greater Manchester - -
Metcalfe Avenue, Stubbington, PO14 2HY street UK - Hampshire - -
Metcalfe Close, Ross-on-Wye street UK - Herefordshire - -
Medcalf Hill, Widford, Ware street UK - Hertfordshire - -
Medcalfe Way, Melbourn, Royston street UK - Hertfordshire - -
Metcalfe Mews, Canterbury street UK - Kent - -
Metcalf Drive, Altham, Accrington street UK - Lancashire - -
Metcalfe Street, Burnley street UK - Lancashire - -
Metcalf Close, Stoney Stanton street UK - Leicestershire - -
Metcalfe Street, Earl Shilton street UK - Leicestershire - -
Metcalfe Road, Skippers Lane Industrial Estate street UK - Middlesborough - -
Metcalfe Grove, Blakelands street UK - Milton Keynes - -
Metcalf Avenue, King's Lynn street UK - Norfolk - -
Metcalf Close, Sweet Briar Road Industrial Estate, Norwich street UK - Norfolk - -
Metcalfe Place, Oldhall West Ind. Estate, Irvine street UK - North Ayrshire - -
Metcalfes Court, Ripon street UK - North Yorkshire - -
Metcalfe's Wife's Cross, Eavestone Moor grave UK - North Yorkshire - -
Metcalf Road, Newthorpe, Eastwood street UK - Nottinghamshire - -
Metcalfe Close, Bilsthorpe, Newark street UK - Nottinghamshire - -
Metcalfe Close, Southwell street UK - Nottinghamshire - -
Metcalf Close, Drayton, Banbury street UK - Oxfordshire - -
Metcalfe Close, Abingdon street UK - Oxfordshire - -
Metcalf Close, Burntwood street UK - Staffordshire - -
Metcalfe Close, Cannock street UK - Staffordshire - -
Metcalfe Close, Yarm street UK - Stockton-on-Tees - -
Metcalfe Road street UK - Stoke-on-Trent - -
Metcalf Road, Ashford street UK - Surrey - -
Metcalf Way, Crawley street UK - West Sussex - -
Metcalfe Lane, Osbaldwick street UK - York - -
Metcalf Creek creek USA Alabama Clay 33.15N 85.49W
Metcalf Hill peak USA Arkansas Franklin 35.15N 93.57W
Metcalf Grove woods USA California Del Norte 41.45N 124.07W
Metcalf Bay bay USA California San Bernardino 34.14N 116.56W
Metcalf Creek creek USA California San Bernardino 34.13N 116.56W
Metcalfe Canyon valley USA California Santa Clara 37.13N 121.42W
Metcalf Creek creek USA Colorado Eagle 39.41N 106.30W
Metcalf Ditch canal USA Colorado Eagle 39.38N 106.31W
Metcalf Brook stream USA Connecticut Tolland 41.50N 72.22W
Metcalfe Building, 202 SW 12th Avenue, Miami lake USA Florida - - -
Metcalf Lake lake USA Florida Franklin 29.57N 84.23W
Metcalf Point cape USA Florida Franklin 29.57N 84.22W
Medcalf Lake lake USA Florida Santa Rosa 30.44N 87.17W
Metcalf Creek creek USA Georgia Rabun 34.57N 83.15W
Metcalfe town USA Georgia Thomas 30.42N 83.59W
Metcalf Spring spring USA Idaho Camas 43.18N 114.23W
Metcalf town USA Illinois Edgar 39.48N 87.48W
Metcalf Ditch canal USA Indiana _ 41.15N 84.58W
Metcalf Ditch canal USA Indiana De Kalb 41.23N 84.54W
Cecil Metcalf Ditch canal USA Indiana De Kalb 41.21N 85.01W
Mary Metcalf Ditch canal USA Indiana De Kalb 41.27N 84.51W
Metcalf town USA Kansas Sumner 37.04N 97.47W
Metcalfe county USA Kentucky Metcalfe 36.59N 85.37W
Metcalf Branch stream USA Louisiana Sabine 31.14N 93.34W
Midkiff Creek creek USA Louisiana Sabine 31.30N 93.28W
Metcalf pond, Sabattus pond USA Maine Androscoggin County - -
Metcalf Point cape USA Maine Knox 44.12N 69.03W
Metcalf Creek creek USA Massachusetts Essex 42.43N 70.50W
Metcalf town USA Massachusetts Middlesex 42.11N 71.26W
Metcalf Lake lake USA Michigan Barry 42.25N 85.11W
Metcalfe town USA Mississippi Washington 33.27N 91.00W
Metcalf Branch stream USA Missouri Saint Clair 37.55N 93.50W
Lee Metcalf Forest forest USA Montana - - -
Metcalf Lake lake USA Montana Lake 47.45N 113.50W
Metcalf town USA N.Carolina Cleveland 35.21N 81.34W
Metcalf Point cape USA New Hampshire Carroll 43.46N 71.30W
Metcalf Canyon valley USA New Mexico Colfax 36.46N 105.02W
Big Metcalf Lake lake USA New York Hamilton 43.17N 74.43W
Metcalf Brook stream USA New York Hamilton 43.27N 74.40W
Metcalf Chain of Lakes lake USA New York Hamilton 43.28N 74.38W
Metcalf Lake lake USA New York Hamilton 43.28N 74.39W
Metcalf Mountain peak USA New York Hamilton 43.45N 74.29W
Metcalf Range mtn range USA New York Hamilton 43.27N 74.39W
Little Metcalf Lake lake USA New York Herkimer 43.16N 74.43W
Metcalf Hill peak USA New York Otsego 42.46N 74.56W
Tilden Metcalf Creek creek USA North Carolina Madison 35.51N 82.25W
Willie Metcalf Creek creek USA North Carolina Madison 35.50N 82.25W
Metcalf town USA Pennsylvania Westmoreland 40.37N 79.41W
Metcalf Wildlife Marsh reservoir USA Rhode Island Washington 41.33N 71.36W
Metcalf Gap town USA Texas Palo Pinto 32.42N 98.26W
Metcalf Ditch canal USA Utah Sanpete 39.09N 111.53W
Metcalf Spring spring USA Utah Sanpete 39.13N 111.35W
Metcalf Hill peak USA Vermont Chittenden 44.34N 72.55W
Metcalf Pond lake USA Vermont Franklin 44.43N 72.53W
Metcalfe Island island USA Vermont Franklin 45.00N 73.08W
Metcalf Branch stream USA Virginia Greensville 36.42N 77.33W
Metcalf Slough stream USA Washington Grays Harbor 46.59N 123.32W
Metcalf Lake lake USA Washington King 47.35N 121.44W
Metcalf Marsh swamp USA Washington King 47.36N 121.44W
Metcalf Lake lake USA Washington Pend Oreille 48.25N 117.19W
Metcalfe Moraine ridge USA Washington Whatcom 48.44N 121.49W
Metcalf Lake lake USA Wisconsin Chippewa 45.12N 91.20W
Metcalf Lake lake USA Wisconsin Marquette 43.45N 89.21W
Metcalf Island island USA Wisconsin Sauk 43.09N 90.06W
Metcalf Gulch valley USA Wyoming Johnson 43.32N 106.21W
Metcalf Reservoir reservoir USA Wyoming Natrona 43.10N 106.59W


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